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    As a number of FMS Support board members have been nice enough to share FMS treatment ratings on my site RemedyFind, I thought I should let you know about a change to the site.

    RemedyFind has been purchased by a new website called Revolution Health. Revolution Health was created by Steve Case (AOL founder) and others, with the goal of bringing constructive change to US health care. In the next few weeks, RemedyFind is going to be merged with the Revolution Health site. The new site will also allow users to rate doctors, clinics and hospitals, chart the course of their health/mood, and other interesting features. (BTW, message boards like FMSSupport can be "rated" as resources. It would be nice to see it in the FMS and CFS sections).

    The Revolution Health site is in preview mode now and I was wondering if some members might be willing to join and offer feedback before it opens to the public later this month? The more input we can get now the better. If you have a minute, please go to and register (it’s free). If you are already a RemedyFind member, be sure to use the email address you used at RemedyFind – so that we will be able to identify you and move over your RemedyFind treatment ratings.

    All the best, Brett Hodges

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