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    I thought everyone might like to see the latest Top 10 list of patient-rated FMS treatments from RemedyFind. A little background. Remedyfind is a free and unbiased site (not sponsored by any drug companies etc.) where individuals can rate the effectiveness of the treatments they have used for specific health concerns, including Fibromyalgia. I started the site 4 years ago to try to find help with treatments for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (which I’ve had for some 20 years). After doing the CFS section I realized the same approach could also work for other chronic health conditions, and so the site has now grown to cover some 60 conditions and has some 95,000 members and newsletter subscribers.

    Obviously this Top 10 list has to be taken with a “grain of salt”, especially with the low number of ratings to date and since FMS is such a complex condition. We are all different, and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another, but my hope is that certain trends might show themselves over time (and after hundreds or thousands of patient ratings). We’ll have to see about that, but at least in the meantime I think it is helpful to hear other patient accounts of what has worked, or not worked, for them.

    Please share your opinions on what has - or hasn’t - worked for you. You can choose from dozens of treatments to rate, from meds to nutritional supplements to alternative / complimentary and psychological therapies. Or suggest something I’ve missed. The site is free and you can be as anonymous as you would like – you choose your own member name and your contact information is not shared with anyone. Here is the address of the Remedyfind FMS section -

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    Brett Hodges
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    Top patient-rated Fibromyalgia treatments (with 80 or more ratings)
    (As of January 18, 2006. The first number is the averaged rating (0 = poorest; 10 = best). The number in parenthesis is the number of ratings the treatment has received.)

    Rest / Napping 8 (147)
    Guaifenesin Therapy 7.7 (198)
    OxyContin (Oxycodone HCl controlled-release) 7.4 (117)
    Exercise: Aquatic Therapy 7.4 (88)
    Bodywork Therapies: Therapeutic Massage 7.2 (125)
    Chiropractic Therapy 6 (100)
    Neurontin etc. (Gabapentin) 5.9 (208)
    Flexeril etc. (Cyclobenzaprine) 5.9 (136)
    Acupuncture 5.7 (84)
    Elavil etc. (Amitriptyline) 5 (190)
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    THanks for a good post. A few on those surprised me a little. My top ones would be napping and massage.