REMEMBER the NY TIMES article about IGENEX Labs...

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    I received this on yahoo list from [LymeInfoNote]:

    Nick Harris (CA)

    A Letter from IGeneX Labs CEO, Nick Harris (CA)

    I am pleased to announce that IGeneX, Inc. recently passed two inspections on September 7 and 8, 2005, for its biannual recertification from the State of California. A federal inspector also arrived simultaneously, indicating she was present due to the NY Times article August 23 which had made
    allegations against IGeneX laboratories. The inspection was intense, with a focus on the Western Blots which had been cited in the NY Times article.

    The lab has been fully recertified, and the inspectors clearly saw the allegations were without merit.

    Despite a volume of letters to the Times after the article by patients, groups, and doctors in support of IGeneX, nothing was printed by the Times.

    IGenex thanks all the Lyme community for your support. Perhaps the Times will relent and print another piece on this issue.

    Nick Harris
    CEO, IGeneX Labs
    Palo Alto, California

    Interesting the NY Times wouldn't print letters from 'other' side, what happened to unbiased reporting, etc?

    all the best,

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    Isn't that just great!!!

    I saw this on the lyme board today.

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    ***bumping up***
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    bump to the top
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    Hoping that everyone who read about the controversy can read this too!
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    The NYT has had lots of problems recently with reporting on all subjects. They have an adgenda. Lynn
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    Oh I am so glad that it all worked out.
  8. victoria

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    yet again
  9. victoria

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