remember when our dog was killed?

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    we all were so sad he was a special dog. big loving and gentle with kids.

    my dh and i said no more dogs too much work. well guess what

    while i was gone one day my 21 yr old talks dh into a puppy.

    now we are in love again hes a pit bull with green eyes and pink speckled nose.great temperment and doing the potty outside already.

    we hold him like a baby but we still feel sad like we are disloyal to bruno. the puppy is diesel.

    my son had his ears clipped that mad me so made. it looked so painful why do people do that? id never thought of it

    they are healed he looks like tazmanian devil.he makes me laugh thx for listening love gail
  2. findmind

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    I always say, when someone has love to give, something will jump right into their lap! LOL

    Good for you...enjoy your sweet thing.

  3. PVLady

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    Congratulations on your new baby. I am sorry your son had his ears clipped but it is over now. He sounds beautiful.

    Don't feel disloyal to your other dog. I believe he would have approved of you sharing your love with another very lucky dog.

    I always have and always will have dogs. I try to have the mindset when I get them that I have to say goodbye someday. No dog replaces the other but you have new love for them.
  4. rachel432

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    just wanted to say sorry about the loss of bruno. you aren't being disloyoal getting another dog. if your a dog lover you will always have a dog. it's like having a baby. and in spite of bad press pit bulls make great pets. mine is named nikki and she is the picture on my profile. i love her to death. she is the best dog i've ever had. a little hyper, but so loving. i hope you love your pit as much as i love mine!
  5. 69mach1

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    i hope the kids all pitch in and help out mom on the clean up duty...

    i used to own a beautiful rottweiler..he is in doggy heaven...

    i am sorry about the ears getting clipped...i know some breeds get their dew claws clipped as well and the tail...

    we don't quite understand why we do these things to animals but we do...then i hate to compare this to humans...but we have our male babies circumsized as well...atleast they are newborn and they have no knowledge of this being down....

    then one i really get in a rage is the poor pre-teen girls that get circumsized in the middle their father's and all the family comes to watch and she gets no local...

    sorry to bring this up...but i just wanted to tell you i hope your little puppy doesn't remember...i doubt he/she will...

    maybe next time...he will get a reat big old floppy eared dog...maybe a beagle...

    saying hello and when i speak to my friend i will get that dr. info for you...

  6. smiffy79

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    sorry your son had his ears clipped its a shame but whats done is done.

    i couldnt be without a dog ever, most dog ppl cant :)

    i've got a foster goldie comng this aft, cant wait :)

    LEFTYGG Member

    im sitting hear rubbing puppys belly but tears still flowing for Bruno. thx for the comforting on the ear thing its over and he seemd finew'

    never thought about the circumcision i had done on my 4 boys lol i better not remind them theyll hold it against me.

    ive had a dog all my life and each one was great. they say theyre like their owners and all my dogs have been very laid back. no jumping on you no yapping just very loving to kids so i hope this puppy is the same. love Gail