remeron, anyone had this side affect

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibolady, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. fibolady

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    i was given remeron to take at night to help me sleep. i tried it for the 4 nights, actually kept me up, the the 4th night i was up until 5 am in the morning. plus, i itched the whole time.... is this a strange reaction to this drug.

    just curious, by the way, i'm not taking it anymore. finally, got some sleep last night, back to taking 2 ambien. i was trying to find something to help so i wouldn't be taking the double dose of ambien, but seems it is the only way for me to get to sleep right now.

    warm regards, fibolady

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  2. Sweetmia

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    Hi Fibrolady--I take 7.5 mgs of Remeron at night for sleep.
    I have never had a reaction such as yours. However, I was on Trazadone at one time, and I could not fall asleep--kept me up all night. I tried a variety of meds before I found one that worked for me.
  3. littlecheryl

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    I have been taking Remeron for 3 years now. I started on 30mg and have been able to drop to 15mg. All of the other medicines did not work. I would stay awake all night. Remeron does not knock you out but when you go to bed it allows you to get real rest. I also take 2 hawthorn berry capsules a supplement to enhance the effect of Remeron. Give it another chance. You may need a higher dosage.