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    just a reminder== for all of us sick and exhausted people-- make sure to insist your dr tests your iron. good to have regular iron test and also "ferretin", which is stored iron. sometimes regular iron is normal, but stored iron is low. also remember that if you have "normal" test results but are at the low end of normal, you may still benefit from iron.

    read about iron. most at risk for low iron are women of menstrating age. read about what foods contain iron. (red meats are the best, i think).

    get tested first to see if you need extra iron. if you dont need it and you take it, it is actually bad for the body. you can read about high iron levels online.

    my ferretin in in low end of normal, and according to that and my other tests, one of my drs said i am almost anemic. i am taking iron and IT IS HELPING to lessen my tiredness !!!!!!!

    good luck my friends!
  2. yes I am one of them. Good reminder!
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    after having a ferritin of 2 and hemoglobin of 8.5 i take iron daily after i had 3 iron ivs and for those like me chelated iron dosent bother your stomach
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    about iron
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    I see that you are taking iron and almost anemic. Have you had either a colonoscopy or upper GI?

    I'm curious because I began getting real tired about a year or more ago and had blood tested and was anemic. My doctor put me on iron and also referred me for a colonoscopy, which I had. Everything was fine. I'm still on iron and had blood test done again last month. The test read a "12", which normal is 15. (which means I must continue to iron to keep the levels up). I suppose I need an upper GI to make sure nothing else is wrong. Why am I still having to take the iron? Also, wouldn't ya think my doctor would send me for upper GI? Duh!!!

    I apologize; I know that I probably have this "mumble jumbled" but not sure how to explain.

    Has your doctor sent you for these tests?

    Thank you bigmama2,

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    i did have the upper gi testing (which by the way was not pleasant!)and it was all fine except a hiatial hernia which is not a big deal at all and could not cause my low iron status. i did not have a colonoscopy. ugh, maybe i should get one. i have had irr bowel syndrome (the kind w diarreah) for many years now. i have read things aobut frequent diarreah may cause malabsorption of vits and mins. but i am also very overweight so i am definately absorbing the dang calories!

    about your case- i dont know much about anemia and what causes it and how long we need to stay on iron pills. prob best to keep consulting your dr and keep getting tested.

    i just wanted to mention the iron/amenia/ferretin thing on here becuase it may have been overlooked for some or many of us.

    take care- i hope the iron helps your energy!!!!
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    Thank you for your response. I feel like I need to ask my doctor to send me for upper GI and at least that will rule out any "unknown bleeding". I'm sure it's not a comfortable thing to have and neither was the colonoscopy.

    However, the reason the colonoscopy wasn't pleasant for me was that I'm on medication and the stuff they gave me to knock me out, actually didn't last long enough; I woke up before the test was over; yulk; not to mention the "stuff" I had to drink the day before.

    Let me ease your mind about the test, which you should talk to your doctor about. I've heard that they can give you a pill to take rather having to drink that "stuff", and if you're not on any strong pain med, then you'll be fine. I talked to several people that had it done and they told me they didn't know anything during the test.

    I'm glad that you mentioned the iron/anemia/ferretin on here; it surely caught my attention.

    Thank you and think about that colonoscopy; you might need to have one to be on the safe side.

    Bless you,


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    i am married to my iron. you have to be other wise you end up anemic again and i never want iron ivs like the last time. i take chelated iron it is easy on the stomach for those who think they cant take going for blood work next week hopefully no bad news hugs charlene

    bigmama most dr want your ferritin at least to be 70 i know on the blood test they say a lot lower[This Message was Edited on 11/04/2008]
  9. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    for the responses. i appreciate it!!!!!!!!!

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