reminder about the liver and milk thistle for support

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    many of us take one or more medicines. the liver has to detoxify all these meds. the herb milk thistle is reported to help keep the liver healthy and working well. so it may be an important supplement for us!!!

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    milk thistle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I just ordered Milk Thistle in hopes it helps my liver. My liver enzymes were up and I'm hoping the milk thistle will help make my liver stronger and cleanse out some of the toxins.
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    Just can you tell that it's helping you? In what way does it make you feel better?

    I try different supplements here and there and can never tell a difference in the way I feel. I know sometimes I give up too soon, or they upset my GI system. How much do you take and how long before you feel whatever the result is that you get?

    I figure my liver is not too happy due to all my meds, but blood work is always ok. Probably would be good to give it some support.
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    glad to see some here take milk thistle or are considering it.

    hermit- to be honest- i dont know for sure that milk thistle is helping me. its not like i take it and actually notice a difference. but i do take it because- i have read about how good it is for our liver, in soooo many different books and articles. and with me taking various meds i figure my liver could use any help it can get!!!! so thats my logic. maybe read up on milk thistle and see what you think.

    overall i have made some good progress w my cfs. i do a bunch of different things.

    take care all-
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    Would you be kind enough to tell me your CFS story? I'd love to hear what progress you've made, and how you're doing it.

    My CF has worsened greatly over the last 1-2 yrs, I feel like I'm going to slip into a coma sometimes. I just get so "out of it", it's scaring me. I'm in the midst of adrenal testing right now. Adrenal Fatigue has to be what is going on w me, I have all the symptoms and the stressors that cause it. I hope to find out soon what Stage I'm in so I can get some type of treatment.

    The milk thistle sounds like a good idea. I take a lot of meds and I'm sure my liver is totally polluted!

    Thanks for any info you'd like to share about your CFS....pleeeease!!! :)

    xo Hermit
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    sure! this will be kinda in a nutshell, cuz i got to got to bed soon! also please look at my profile- it has some info on it too.

    childhood- healthy, except bad allergies and asthma, bronchitis (was on antibiotics alot)

    teens- good untill about age 16- depression and insonmia and fatigue started. also eating disorders.

    young adult- doing well. great 4 years at college. but did notice i had way less energy than my peers. had mono at 19.

    age 25- was a high school teacher- veeery stressful for me. the poo hit the fan. this is when i consider my CFS to have started. i was falling apart physically. the exhaustion. this started my "fun" expedition of seeing drs for exhaustion. they always said uhhhhh depression i guess. ive been on anti depressants and sleep meds since then.

    long story short- had to quit teaching job a few years later. health getting worse each year. gaining 10 pounds a year (i kinda have a food addiction). now drs blame my exhaustion on weight gain and depression. i believe them.

    age 30- 36 - i open my own small business. still exhausted. still seeing drs. tons of blood tests. nothing abnormal. when i am not at work i am sleeping. look like he-- feel like he--. i am a totally changed person from who i used to be. my mother knows something is very wrong. i now struggle to take care of myself and my home, and finally decide to close my business.

    at this point my physical health is at its worst. drs dont know whats wrong. still blaming depression and now obesity. i start researching health stuff on internet. i had heard of cfs before but i never thought i had it cuz it said you had to have muscle pain. well now i had plenty of muscle pain in back neck and shoulders, so i thought oh my god do i have this horrible cfs thing????

    i thought i probably didnt but wasnt sure so i said i better see a specialist. i went to FFC in philly. they ran a ton of blood work, and finally i saw abnormal results. dr diagnosed me w cfs. what a relief and shock and scare all at some time. during this time i was so exhausted i was sleeping 12 to 18 hrs a day. fun to sleep my life away- not!

    also consulted dr neville of clymer healing center in pa. got adrenal saliva test. results were BAD. stage 5 of of 7. got on treatment- adrenal glandulars. this has been the most helpful thing for me. !!!!!! but it takes time to work!!!!

    i wanted to see a real CFS expert so i went to nyc to see dr susan levine. she ran more bloodwork- and i had many more abnormal results.)high viral titers to ebv, low natural killer cell activity etc) she confirmed dx of CFS. put me on valtrex 1000mg for 6 months. i "think" it helped me. my brain fog improved over time. she also put me on lowdose naltrxone to boost immune system. maybe that helped too, its hard to say.

    i have been improving slowly in the last 2 years since i got diagnosed. but its still up and down. good days and bad days. i still have bouts of severe depression sometimes, but eventually it passes.

    i do take various vits, mins, herbs, etc. mmostly the regular ones, multi vit, b12, b complex, vit d, etc coq10, milk thistle, etc

    one other thing that IS helping a sorta a version of rich methylation protocol.

    another thing is IRON!

    well i hope this helps. i am fading big time right now- gotta go. !!! take care m'lady!

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