Remisions and relapses

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    I was wandering does anyone else has remision/relapse pattern in their illness. Remision for me is at least 6 months of near wellness. I have been in remision for 3.5 years after 3.5 years of CFS. Now have been in relapse for 4 months. I was just wandering do relapses usually last longer or shorter than the original illness?
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    bumping for the night crowd, sorry I don't remember having any remmissions in the last 20 yrs.
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    I have had ups and downs for the past seven years. It seems to me that I spend six months going down and six months coming up. Just when I am enjoying feeling good I start back down again. Usually I am bumped down by a cold or flu or stress episode, but it still seems to follow this general cycle. Summer allergies really seem to get me down, especially this year.
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    Since acute onset(following a respiratory flu)in 1984, I've had four discrete relapses of CFS, which seem to occur every 5 years. My first three relapses lasted about a year. However, the last one has plagued me for over a year. During a relapse, my symptoms are unrelenting: debilitating fatigue, severe brain fog(unable to read or comprehend or remember much for long),muscular and joint aches, and teetering vertigo. During remissions, symptoms subside enough that I can study,write, exercise, and eat whatever I want(no alcohol or smoking) without reaction. I'm nearly 90% normal, when in remission

    What I see changing, though, in this last relapse is: it's lasting longer; it came on gradually, following chronic sinusitis; and, the brain fog feels entrenched.

    I'm watching this because I'm taking more supplements and vitamins, than before, and eating a higher protein diet. I think the high-protein has slowed my recovery. No proof, just intuition. I say this because in my previous remissions or recoveries, I was eating lots of root vegetables, such as carrots and beets(their juices, too). I
    ate whole-wheat tortillas and almond butter(fresh),but followed a yeast-free diet(excluding fermented foods such as cheese and vinegar and tofu). Ate greens like collards,kale, and chard. I may have taken a vitamin C tablet, but not much more. I walked every day, and went to the seashore or mountains, and eliminated synthetics from my wardrobe and house, as much as possible.

    In this relapse, I've stayed indoors a lot - because of fatigue. Until this last month, I walked little because of post-exertional fatigue, and I'm taking many more vitamins and supplements, including Armour's thyroid and natural progesterone cream. Ate cheese and dairy, including yogurt.

    Seen some positive changes this week ... but not sure why. Two new protocols include an elimination diet and IV vitamin
    therapy. Elimination diet, a week old, excludes eggs, dairy, wheat, soy, and most fruits(except bananas and blueberries). Vitamins(IV) include Vit. C (6000mg2x a wk) and B12(3cc2x a wk), Bcomplex, B6(alone). Just yesterday, I saw improvement in my cognitive function(could follow 15 minute conversation of coworker), and my fatigue was less severe. The cramps in my fingers and toes subsided for several hours.

    I'm wary of pronouncing premature recovery, so right now I continue to monitor the changes. If they last, I'll be reporting them.

    But, back to your topic of remission/relapse patterns of CFS, I've definitely experienced that pattern, of cycling into illness and health, for 19 yrs.

    I believe that it's probably similiar to other autoimmune diseases/illnesses such as MS and rhematoid arthritis. But that's just a hunch.

    Thanks for topic,

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