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    OK all...winter is my BAd time of year. Even though its my bad time I actually have been feeling rather well pain wise for a few months now surprising enough. The fatigue NEVER goes away but the pain actually backed off for a while.
    I was wonderiung when the ugly monster would rear its ugly head...
    well, sure enough all week it has been slowly sneaking up on me (the pain that is). Today I can barely move. My enck all the way down my back hurts like crazy and it hurts to even touch me. I was really starting to wonder if OMG this is it, I beat the fibro because its been a few months but I guess not.Not only am I in pain, my exhaustion is really unbearable once again, brain fog is BAD and I cant concentrate and well, Im feeling more depressed then I have been. Small things that didnt bopther me are setting me off with anxiety frustration and depression.

    WHy did I go into remission pain wise? I havent changed anything. If naything, my job I have now is less stressful and more active (as long as Im in motion Im fine working...I cant sit behind a desk and work that kills me)Im under a tremendous amount of stress financially and at home emotionally but THAT has never changed for the better so it cant be that.

    Im curious, has anyone else been thru this? Was it remission or just a false sense of relief????

    What the heck is going on? This is a little discouraging considering this is my "good" time of year when I "should"
    star feeling better with the weather changes and stuff.

    thanks for input!
  2. suzette1954

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    seems to have been the worst yet. Ive been sick with one thing after another for mths.

    Any time I start stressing out, the pain gets to be too much to handle. I have to get back in the water. I havent been in over a mth(TO the ymca). I love it when I go and I have NO pain when Im in the water but it comes crashing back as soon as I climb the steps out of the pool. I love the outdoor pool and the sunshine best so I'll be glad when summer gets here! It also lets me talk to other women instead of the hubby or the beagle at home.

    I dont know if you were in a remission. I havent had one and I would love to have a pain free day even!!

    Soft Hugs,


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