Remission vs Permanently Out of the Hole

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pasara, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. pasara

    pasara New Member

    What is your understanding/experience of going into remission? How do you know if it is remission or getting better? (as in permanently)

    Relatedly, I have been feeling better, with my strength improving and am really worried about blowing it and relapsing. How do you balance allowing yourself to enjoy the benefits of improvement without causing relapse? In the past when I have relapsed I realize only in retrospect that tbere were signals I was pushing it that I was not listening to. At the same time, I don't want to be so used to being ill that I live more ill than I actually am. How do you know???
  2. pasara

    pasara New Member

    hoping someone has something to share

  3. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    hello. i have heard that for people who have improved after antiviral therapy, valtrex is given to prevent relapse.

  4. mezombie

    mezombie Member

    Have you tried this?

    Basically, you do half of what you think you can.

    I've seen to many people reach your stage and blow it, so I would advise on doing less, not more.

    Congratulations on your progress!
  5. layla1954

    layla1954 New Member

    Hi pasara,
    I'm asking myself the same question. I'm feeling better now than I have in ages and it's so tempting to jump in and start doing things I haven't been able to do... but... I'm determined to take it slow and easy. I've done the push-and-crash thing too many times, so this time I'm planning to increase my activity level v-e-r-y gradually and continue to take my supplements, watch my diet, and stick to my regular bedtime - and hope for the best.

  6. pasara

    pasara New Member

    thank you all for your replies. i am not pushing it at all as far as trying to jump back into a hectic life or try to work or exercise. i have actually become quite good at managing my energy, and i think that is a big part of my improvement. i have been trying to go on walks in the neighborhood in the evening with my husband. I am able to do a few blocks now, taking it slow and easy and resting if i need to.

    why i am a little concerned is that there are times when i think i am going into a crash. it is not just a little downturn in energy, it is a major collapse, where i can hardly make it from living room to bed. yet it is very short-lived. i have had major crashes where i am bedridden for quite some time (days or weeks), but lately i am recovering from these mini-mega crashes after an hour or two of rest. these are not soon after walks, by the way. usually it is in the mornings.

    what would you say? the quicker recovery is a good thing, but do you think it is a warning signal, and if so, what i does it mean? should i cut back on the walks? i seem to otherwise be doing relatively well, and the walks are very good for the soul.
  7. pasara

    pasara New Member

    What I especially would like to know is if anyone has gone into a long-term remission (of say, several months or years) and then relapsed. What was that experience? What precipitated the relapse? In retrospect, did you see it coming?

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