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    How many people have had "remissions?" I think that I've had fibro quite a long time, but was DX in '07.

    Since not knowing how long this has been around for me, I was curious how many people have had their remissions.

  2. I had a mild case of fibro over 30 yrs ago and it seemed to go away. Then I came down with flu like symptoms and it came back and has never left and has gotten so much severe. I wish it would go away again.
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    Good question. I don't think I have ever gone into remission but do have cycles when the pain and fatigue wax and wane.

    I wonder how many years of remission specifically for FM/CFS before you are considered cured.

    Then again, if you are cured, did you really have FM/CFS?

    Take care.
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    Hi Lynne,
    Would you believe 20 yrs.(CFS)
    In between I had post viral fatigue which I could beat after a few weeks with the anti histamine/anti depressant Doxepin(about 5mg) for 3 weeks only.

    This time at age 45, I crashed again under burden of stress viruses and chemicals) and the problem has stayed for about 18 yrs with no big remissions, just improvement with symptom management, diet, pacing etc.

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