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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dolsgirl, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. dolsgirl

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    Well, I tried many diets in the past. In Dec. 03 I got the flu and wasn't able to eat much of anything. I went from a size 14-16 to a size 10 in four months and then lost more on my limited eating secondary to health issue. I stayed @ the healthy weight and had my thyroid dose working correctly for the first time in my life. In Feb. '07 a new PCP decreased my thyroid dose by half and w/in six months my size went from a size six to size fourteen & is now up to sixteen. I've been dieting w/o losing more than one lousy pound. It's incredible.

    For some odd reason, in February I went from a size 14 down to a size 8 w/in a couple of weeks w/o changing my diet. I thought my thyroid med was finally kicking into gear from being brought back up to what it had been prior to that other doc changing it. Then, I could tell I was gaining weight again. Don't have a scale but w/in 2-3 weeks I was back up to size 14. I have NO idea what happened. And the docs don't either.

    So, my solution is to try this stuff I found in a magazine. It's called REMovyl Advanced Formula. It costs alot. For losing more than forty pounds it was $95.00 w/the taxes and mailing. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm desparate.
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    Wow, that's a lot of bouncing around! I would say your thyroid meds are having a very hard time getting regulated.

    Don't you just love your body going bonkers?! Good luck with that stuff, I hope it works well for you. Nothing in my body works right. Lordy it is frustrating.

    Take care,
  3. dolsgirl

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    Where I don't even care if it's dangerous. My life is in danger w/all the meds the doctors have me on.
  4. kbak

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    I hear you. I truly hope you find something that works for you!

  5. soteria77

    soteria77 New Member

    Hey are you still on that diet through REmovyl advanced formula how is that working. I need to loose about 50 pds.
  6. dolsgirl

    dolsgirl New Member

    Yes I am. I take two a day. One on an empty stomach when I wake early AM for a bathroom hit and the second around noon but on an empty stomach. I have been eating awful but I have lost 11.5 inches in three weeks but I have no idea how much I weigh. I'm feeling fine. It doesn't seem to have any side effects & I usually will have side effects. This has only herbs but even w/herbs I usually have side effects. I'm feeling great but don't have the energy to exercise. I know once I get going on a regular routine I'll enjoy it but it's hard to get my butt out the door....I'm lazy...I'm losing inches anyways. I feel good but am tired almost everyday.

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