Renae- How is your daughter doing-

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    Hi Renae-just checking into seeing how your daughter's treatment is progressing?

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    Thank you for asking about us. *smile* I was just stopping by here with an update!

    We just got back on Sunday on Amtrak, after Feb 8-11 appointments at Dr. K's office in WA! I am extremely glad we got to meet with him twice! At the first appointment another Lyme expert from CA was in the room, too, so those two experts were intellectualizing back and forth as my daughter was being evaluated! Plus, 3 naturopaths were present, and we plan to do monthly phone consults with one of them until we see Dr. K again in approx. 4 months. I feel relieved that they all are so experienced to guide us through this!!!

    The top priorities found through energetic testing were:

    (1) addressing the affects from the 1999 appendectomy/exploratory surgery. He gave her a shot to dissolve the scar that is hindering flow of healing energy. Emotional trauma related to the incident also showed up so needs to be dealt with.

    (2) address the affects from 1999 flu shot... mercury, thermerisol, heavy metals toxicity tests...

    (3) Lyme & coinfections, etc.

    She did a blood, urine, and saliva test before our trip, another urine test while we were there (takes 6 weeks to process), and now need to take another kit with us to LabCorp. One concern is whether she is absorbing enough nutrition to run her heart effectively.

    I've started the food diary and have been trying to get all the products and prescriptions necessary to get started on the customized plan. I have most of them now. They all work together, blended in a cocktail with grapefruit juice to enhance absorption. Need to buy a nebulizer to use with one product to get iodine into her lungs 20 minutes daily for a year.

    I feel that having been to Dr. J's office prepared us for where we are now.

    I was hoping that my daughter would be able to do the KMT or Bionic 880, but apparently she's not ready for that yet. He wants to start IV detox and the naturopaths want her doing colonics soon (esp. after 20 day med for parasite kill-off) but said she's not ready for that yet either... Very weak...

    We met another patient from our state, who commented that there really is noone in our state like Dr. K to help us. She encouraged us and told us that she had been in a wheelchair for 8 years due to a medical mishap and is now walking and her other issues including Lyme are improving too! She had the biggest genuine grin you'll ever see!!

    Insurance covered less on the last two visits with Dr. J, and now this year we have a deductible to hurdle first... I sure hope over time they will cover a significant amount on Dr. K, although alot of the cost is the products, etc..that won't be covered... I don't know how I will be able to keep going with this whole thing but gotta step forward in faith....

    I hope you're finding your way forward in faith too! ((hugs))


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    Dr. K said she is an "ideal patient" since she hasn't had antibiotics causing biofilms...

    So I'm hoping based on that, that she will be able to recover easier, quicker...
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    What a great mom you are. I admire your drive! Please keep us posted. on your journey..what was outcome of the oral issue/doc in WA? I can't believe you got into see the Dr. K... I thought he had a 2 year waiting list?

    I'm still in a bad spot. I feel like I have MS..body is not working at all. I was functional in November with bad brain fog and some jerking-but living. Now I am house bound.. balance issues, jerking, coordination, dizzy,numbness that doesnt go away, insomnia etc etc etc. It feeels like n a major MS like flare since drugs and some herbs in December. I hope I can climb out. I feel like my body can't tolerate drugs or even herbs at this point--so running out of options.

    Working with a nurse pract/naturopath. She has me on a vitamin based detox kit- and then wants me to do desert biologicals nosdes for lyme/coninfections but jump start with a few days of abx prior "to wake things up". I hope that works. I'm also on LDN.

    I was thinking of your daughter and the controversial cfs doc that Joey/Pathogen soup blog fellow is seeing?

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    Thank you for the compliment! Part of my drive is that I'm absolutely tired of her being so ill for 10 years! I just won't stand for it anymore! I'm tired of how unhelpful the healthcare systems have been! It is time to aim for the top expert and give it our best!! Plus, any day my ex could decide to put our house on the market and stop spousal/child this is the only time now that we have a roof over us and I'm still without a job so must help her NOW. She got a gift from her grandfather and she needs to use it before I have to get employed full-time and can't help her anymore. I have no more time to waste.

    My daughter got a TMJ and overall dental x-rays and model done at a local OSB clinic that Dr. N in Colorado referred us to, and they sent it all to OSB expert Dr. R in Tacoma. That office said my daughter would need 2 weeks treatment, but they were going to check out the insurance first. I was supposed to hear back by Christmas 2009, but no word. I think it's all about the money with them and our insurance gave them no guarantee. My daughter was getting worse and felt that she would rather see Dr. K first anyway. We thought that OSB is not likely to be her full answer and the cost is extreme. She didn't want to wear a mouth brace for life if it isn't necessary, and only Dr. K would know for sure what she needs! So I explained all of this to Dr. K's office manager. He knows Dr. J got stuck....He knows Dr. N and about Dr. R's OSB.... and he agreed with us that Dr. K should evaluate her first-- he wanted her x-rays and said she should come now before she would be unable to travel.... so HURRAY-- we got in!!!! I think this was quite a miracle for my dear girl to see Dr. K twice last week!!!...and met with his NDs and now moving on with the plan!! Whoohoo!!! Thank God!! *smile*

    HQ, I believe there is a way & miracle for you too, to get the professional guidance you need...I care about you and don't want you to struggle with such awful symptoms. What I've learned is that it starts with faith, and healing is about the whole person-- body, mind, emotions, spirit, etc... One ND may not be addressing ALL of it. You really MUST address ALL of it. That requires "energy testing" to find traumas and what else is blocking you.

    Dr. K's energy testing is finding what others have missed for my daughter.

    I thought Dr. K being an MD would not handle one as extremely sensitive as my daughter, but the ND told me that ALL of the patients they get are like this! They are experienced in handling this...

    I was hoping Dr. K would use the KMT or Bionic 880 but he didn't consider it with her... he wanted to do IV detox and the NDs wanted her doing colonics but Dr. K tested energetically and said she's not ready for that... so he will test and know the order she needs to do things...

    You are a special, talented person, HQ -- the world needs you to get well! *smile*...and you deserve it! Keep faith and keep pushing forward!


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    Thank you Renae-

    Thanks for words of encouragement. I'm so sick and so scared right now-with all the neurological symptoms which exploded since going on the flagyl/diflucan and then a few herbs. speaking, swallowing, holding my head up with out, dizzy jerking feeling in brain, coordination, typing, numbness ,twitching muscle spasms, shaking, jerking, insomnia - you name it I got it right now. Pretty miserable. I didn't know it was possible to feel so ill. I'm trying to stay positive. I have an engineering degree, high school salutatorian, full sales career etc etc. I am not a whiner and through 12 years of illness (staring with "Fibro") i've always pushed through and worked on healing which is why this is so discouraging for me. On top of it my 14 year old daughter is having horrible IBS type pains now for past 4 months that arent' going away and she's missing alot of school. Seeing a naturopath for her. I hope my genes have not been passed on to her (my mother has ibs/fms/cfs type issues). I'm really worried about her but so sick I can't focus my energy like I need to for her.

    I've been housebound now for first time in my life since the drugs /December. I'm so sensitive/sick I could not even handle 1 drop of artmesia yesterday which my naturopath wanted me to take. It sent my head jerking and unbearable dizzy/pressure brain feeling worse the entire day/made my already horrible non existent sleep worse. It's now been almost 2 months since stopping drugs and still so sick... did it invoke an auto immune reaction? I"m trying to avoid panic attacks, but it's challenging right now to keep a grip on the fear.

    The loss of control in my body is terrifying. I wish Dr. K was not on opposite side of the coast from me! It's so hard when treatment has made me sOOOOOOOOOOOo much worse to know what to do. I feel this is MS/degen neuro illness. I was close to retiring and enjoying life with my family and now this.......and I'm only 48! I feel like a need a miracle worker.

    I know there is light at the end of this tunnel. There has to be! Thanks for your words of encouragement.

    Keep us posted on your daughter-- and if Dr. K. doesn't work out there is always that CFS miracle doc in Ohio everyone is talking about assuming its real (but you have to go live there!).

    Thank you for letting me unload. I'm really frightened right now.
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    we all need to vent at times! I think our personal growth is alot like breatheing where we must exhale what we don't need and inhale new life-giving things... exhale the negative (confusion, etc) and seek to embrace more faith, truth, strength and courage that moves us forward...

    Yes, HQ, it's just as I suspected-- you are young (48 like me!!), talented, and have great character... You are so much more than this illness. You know that.

    God designed us so we can heal. You simply don't know what's blocking that healing right now...Is it toxicity? Lyme and other chronic infections? spiritual or emotional trauma carried in your tissues? nutritional deficiencies affecting your biochemistry? EMF and Geopathic stress negatively affecting the frequencies of your energy and keeping your immune system from healing? It could be any one of those or a combination or something else.

    The only way you'll know the specific blocks and the order of steps to overcome them is through an expert in energy testing and one who takes a wholistic and integrative approach with other testing, treatment including supplements, herbs, meds, healing therapies, etc. Dr. K. is an expert like that. Many have been helped at the Atlanta clinic or with Dr. J. If you are near CT, Dr. B's clinic has energy and brain testing, HBOT, wholistic dentistry, etc... Drop me a note through my profile if you want his contact info...

    My point is -- A one-size-fits-all-doctoring doesn't work for you or my daughter. It has to be customized and move in the order you uniquely need to heal.

    And I would think you have a loved one who knows how wonderful you are and has faith with you for your healing. Hopefully that one can go with you to the expert, pray, and support you on this journey. My daughter could not have gone to Dr J or Dr. K without my practical help...

    And keep in mind that you aren't going through this level of challenge just for what you can learn and to be well and have your own happy life! This illness is not without purpose. It is redirecting your life toward a bigger vision than you ever had before... what your life was will pale in comparison!!

    A step beyond this present fear is a fantastic faith that will lead you to more truth and healing... As you move forward, you are being equipped and filled with compassion and a passion to help others who are where you are now... Go get your answers and miracle...
    Many are stuck and need your inspiration!!

    Love to you!!

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    about your daughter. I just forgot where the resource is that I ran across a while back... it made a alot of sense about overcoming IBS... My daughter has had that too.

    This is a good time for you to encourage your daughter to research and find her answer too. She might have to do some medical management thing until she finds a better answer and can afford a better doctor... and she might have to take classes through the internet or something... but one way or another her life will work too...

    The greatest achievers didn't have an easy road and they had failures, setbacks, and illness...

    Our parents and others of that generation and the ones before didn't have access to all of the knowledge and experts we have today...

    So you and I and our kids will get through too...
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    Dr. K's test results are in. The N.D. called me on Monday. So....she has "multiple deficiencies" and she's "starving" due to Leaky Gut Syndrome and alleries, etc.... So the key to change is to start Ketotifin and the German immune program (which I just ordered).

    Dr. K had said "trauma" was blocking, and he fixed the physical part related to the 1999 surgery, but a local Energy dr cleared several emotional blockages. Now another big trauma is surfacing, the one the LLMD told us about before. So it is time to deal with it, because she can't do or respond to any more physical treatments until this is effectively dealt with! This is a big realization to me, how traumas are stored in your tissues and block your physical treatments!!...

    She had made significant progress spiritually, emotionally, and in personality at Dr. J's office, but otherwise, I had been so focused on Lyme, that I didn't keep moving ahead on the emotional front until now. Need to see an alternative healthcare "health psychologist" trained in CA but she is near us... however has a 6-months waiting list! The N.D. in WA will call to try to fit my daughter in because her need is soooo urgent.

    Still having trouble getting state disability or SSI... I found 2 advocates who will help...

    Pray everything moves forward for us here and for you HQ and everyone on this board!


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    is that the allergy immune program- i see gigi on lymenet talk alot about that. So Dr, K want to attack that first before the pathogens?

    Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way--

    What is ketotifin?
  11. Renae610

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    it is the Allergie Immun .... Thanks, HQ, I'll read what gigi says about it.

    All I know is, that when Dr. K tested my daughter's energy field (Feb. 8th), he found that the ORDER of priorities for her is
    (1) her 1999 surgery trauma blocking energy flow,
    (2) 1999 flu shot (use homeopathic) and deal with any heavy metal toxicity,
    (3) Lyme & coinfections.

    This was the ORDER that her body needs to heal. It is vitally important to get energy tested because your energy field will reveal what order you should do treatments.

    Currently, the N.D. has decided, based on the blood/urine test results, that my daughter's present negative reaction to everything she eats, requires an immediate start of Allergie Immun and Ketotifin (a med that helps healing of Leaky Gut and should help her to tolerate the upcoming treatments.)

    Thanks for the healing thoughts/prayers! I send to you also! *smile*

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