Renae-how is your daughter? Info on DNRS -Dynamic Neural Retraining

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    Hi Renae!

    How is your daughter doing? How did ACT work out for you? I wanted to pass this link onto you. I've not tried it myself, but some pretty powerful testimonies on her website and youtube. I think it is worth considering everything you have done.

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    I haven't been on this board for a while. Thanks for thinking of me and offering this program. I will check it out.

    We did not use the ACT program. At the time I was looking into it, I did not have the $$ to start. I do believe that programs like ACT and Alex's The Healing Codes do work for many people. I have Alex's book but not the manual yet.

    My older daughter is considered "post-lyme" now, but has poor mitochondria energy production. We recently used the Genova Lab to test her detoxification, etc... and she has genetic issues affecting these issues. It's like the Lyme she had just intensified issues she may have had anyway. She's been taking a Mitochondrial support product along with other supplements compatible for her body. I'm trying to figure out what to do next. She caught a virus in early 2010 that set her back for many months and lab showed her starving (poor absorption), but she's been on a 4 day rotation diet of cruciferous vegetables and rice, and has overcome with alternative treatments. The kinesiologist keeps checking for what next her body needs in this healing process. She recently got an Assemblage Point necklace for support.

    My situation has become complicated by the fact that my younger daughter and I also are dealing with chronic lyme...found out last summer. Neither of us had tick bites that we know of. I truly believe what some experts say, that it runs in families, we pass it between each other, and also that it is now airborne. So we all have to keep working get stronger and overcome together! I also plan to use an advanced kit now to check our house for mold, because mold can weaken immune systems, allowing for Lyme.

    This younger daughter had a tough year in 2011, but started homeopathics and diet changes and is making good progress. I think we caught it early enough. She was in serious trouble with P.O.T.S. (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) for 3 months, unable to stand or sit, and hyper-sensitive to meds... so I took her to our KS alternative doctor and he helped her heart and got her back on her feet!!! Yaaay!

    I recently met a local DC who believes as i do, that we have to treat the energy, so I have used his PEMF machine twice so far, followed by using my ion cleanse foot bath at home. He got me started on herbs, flower essences, & supplements, one of which is Gastroven that is preparing my stomach for the next stage... infusion with Betaine Hydrochloric acid supplements. His kinesiology found that my gut is low in it. This is an old remedy. I read that in 1932 injections were given and it killed even drug-resistant infections. The DC says this is a natural way for my body to kill off lyme. I hope! Another alternative doctor said I must fix some dental and structural issues, so I plan to see a Biological Dentist next month. Have to remove amalgams, fix a tooth on the heart circuit, etc. I have also done a sleep study and need an oral appliance... I don't know yet if I will need OSA or OSB, but this could have a profound effect on my health too.

    How are you, HQ???

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