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    I am having this done Tuesday to see if my kidneys are working good. I have had blood in urine for over five years so I am glad they are finally checking. Has anyone had this done? What happens? Is it like an MRI? Will it show if I have lesions or only show if they are filling and emptying correctly. I would love to hear all anyone knows about this. Thank you.
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    I just love your name. I love critters very much.

    I have PKD. Polycistic Kidney Disease. I get an ultra sound, lab work that is called the Bun and Creatin levels, every 8 months or so. (hope i spelled those correctly)

    From that they can see the blood flow, any thing out of sorts. I also cannot take anything that has potasium in it.

    Have you tryed looking at the Kidney Foundation web-site?
    They have a ton of info.

    Why did they wait 5 years? That to me is a long time when you have blood on your urine.

    Good luck, Kim

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    Hi Kim, I am glad you like my name. I love critters too. I have a house full.

    Thank you for the information. I hadn't thought of looking at the kidney foundation site. I will do that. I am not sure why they have waited so long. I have been going to rheumatologist since 2000. I switched to another one in 2002. Both told me that I have blood in my urine. They both always say, "we need to keep a check on that." They would check it everytime and say the same thing. I looked at my medical records so I could file for SSD and it shows that every time I have blood and protein. They called in chronic hematuria. I went to my gyno two weeks ago and had a physical. I have had persisiten kidney infections and problems with blood pressure and she saw that I had blood in urine. She told me about it and I told her that I have had that going on for five years. She asked if I had had a renal scan. I said no. She was shocked. She is the one sending me for one.

    My family and friends have been quite laisse faire about it for years. My mom says that she has always had blood in urine and that it is normal for some. I always tell her that since I have lupus it is worrisome to me. I have been to wimpy though with my doctors and had the thinking that if there was something wrong they would know it. I think now I was wrong. Doctors don't always know. My doctors seem to ignore things year after year. Spots on my lungs, high crp levels, chronic blood pressure high, rapid heartbeat. I have so many things going on at each visit that I hate to make them pinpoint each issue and say what should be done about each problem. If I find out that my kidneys are damaged or failing I am going to be upset with my doctors and myself. My gyno told me that she was going to be very upset with my rheumy if it turns out I do.

    Sorry to go so long. Thanks again for your help.
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    I just wanted to tell you all about the scan. It was a pretty simple procedure. They put an iv in and told me that it was fluids to make me hydrated, but it was a tiny bag of fluid. I just read tonight that the fluid was radioactive fluid to help show up kidneys. I wonder why they didn't tell me that. I wouldn't have minded. In fact I had expected it. They also had me drink two small bottles of water. This all took about an hour. She told me they wanted me full of water. She then said go and pee and then we will start. I was shocked. I thought they wanted me full during the scan. She said no, I need to empty my bladder. She said you are probably bursting to pee right now. I actually wasn't. I went and could barely pee.

    That worried me that things might not be good. She told me it was okay and that I could try again later. They put me on the machine and centered the scanner over my kidneys and bladder. I lay there for about 45 minutes. My elbows started really hurting from the bony part lying on the hard arm supports. i have arthritis in them. I didn't think I was supposed to move so I stayed still.

    During all of this I heard one of the women say to the other, "Can you see the bladder good?"

    The other one says, "Oh yeah!" and clicks her tongue. I thought oh Lord, something is not looking good.

    They then told me to get up and go pee again and they would take some more scans. Now, I just read tonight on a medical site that if the kidneys are not emptying properly during the scan they will have you go the pee and then put a diuretic in your iv and put you under the scan for a while longer. I don't know if they did or not. When I lay back down I still had the iv port in but no bag attached. The lady messed with the iv port a few seconds, but I thought she was just getting ready to take it out. She did take it out a few seconds to minute after messing with it.

    I wonder why they wouldn't tell me this. I guess they don't feel the need to worry someone since they can't answer your questions. The lady then told me that they were going to have me lie there for a little while longer and then would have me go to waiting area while they made sure that all the images were clear and printed clearly before letting me go home.

    right before they let me get up, I heard another lady who was sitting at a computer screen with an image of two kidneys and a what I assume was the top of the bladder. She was looking at it and asking all kinds of questions to the other two ladies. It was almost like she was training or just curious. She wasn't asking questions about the results, just technical questions the scanner and computer. I didn't know what she was asking. She then said does this look good and one of the ladies said yes. At that moment I thought she meant my results and I was very happy, but now I think she meant was the scan showing up clearly and a good scan that wouldn't need redoing. I don't know. I just hate it when they can't tell you anything. You know they are standing there looking at it and know if you are healthy or not. It just makes you feel scared. These ladies were wonderful though. They really treated me good.

    Sorry so long. I will let you know the results when I know. Thank you for your support and kindness.

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