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    I am NOT trying to be funny with this observation. I am serious. In our recent newsletter there was the following:

    Most Descriptive CFS Name Yet

    …An alternative approach could be to name CFS “Sisyphus disease.” Sisyphus was a king in Greek mythology who outwitted/duped death. As punishment, he had to work in the underworld for eternity, repeatedly rolling a rock up a mountain, from where it fell down again. From there, a " Sisyphean task" is one that lasts forever and never yields a result. - Leo

    I think the name says a lot. A perfect name.......except....
    Tell someone you have Sisyphus and darn....many will hear
    "syphilis",,,,especially with all of our various accents. I would be uncomfortable with that one, and would never use it. I'd rather they just think I am lazy and whinny..LOL.

    Blessings to all............Susan

  2. spacee

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    It does describe our predicament, doesn't it!


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