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    Hi Rene- you know I peep in on you from time to time see how you and your mom are. I wanted to ask you if the Dr has mentioned dementia to you.

    I just scanned threw your thread and it seems she is having a lot of mood changes. My mom was diagnosed with diabetic dementia. She hasn't had any more angry outbursts with me in a long time. But she has done some things to the nurses, especially when it is bath time.

    I know how it hurts you when you try so hard to please her then she hurts you by saying mean things. I know it is hard not to take it personal but it could be dementia. She may not even remember saying those things.

    Mom went for awhile seeing dead people, going shopping at stores that aren't even in our town. She never left her room. Now they have her meds adjusted and while she still has problems trying to verbalize things, her personality is so much better.

    I just wanted to share this with you because I really do understand what you are going threw and I think you have been a amazing daughter considering everything you have gone threw.

    I remember when you weren't able to get out of your apt, now you go to the nh 2-3 times a day. God gives us strengh we didn't know we had. I found mine when my mom had open heart surgery in 2003, I was so sick them, but somehow I pulled it together and have continued to improve. I still have bad days but it is a matter of pacing.

    Take care and my thoughts and prayers are with you-Carla
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    Hi Carla, thanks for the kind words. Did you spend Thanksgiiving with her? I just got back from the NH but only stayed 15 min today.

    Yea my mom doesn't like showers so I had them cut back and plus she never smells and always seems clean. I am always having to do something at the NH. I sure you know what a nightmare the NH are.

    My mom is in one of the best too.

    She did have a diognosis of dementia but its gone. Here the dr only has to see her 1 every sixy days.

    Thank you again. I'm glad you mom has improved but it is just so awful for her and everyone who lives in a NH.

    Take care,

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