Rene How is it going?

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    Hi Rene; I have not been on here for a couple of days for very long. I have read some posts but have not posted.

    How are things with you? How is your Mom? Have you had any luck getting the people and your brother out of you Mom's house.

    I too hope that Daddy will feel better after his appointment and they start schduling his therpy. A lot of his problem is my brother. He worries about him and feels that it is his responsiblty. My brother is 47 and should be helping my Dad instead of the other way.

    His latest stunt was he walked out of his job. His car quit he had it towed to my Dad's apartment. He would not listen to anyone about what was wrong with it. He said he believed the car that towed it. This car did not look at the car he just towed it. He sold the car for junk. My husband called a garage that he uses and they told him that it probably was not the timing it was a part that cost $35.00. Now my brother has no car and no job. He got mad at my Dad because he asked him what he was going to do with no transportation or no job.

    No I am not afraid of my brother. I do worry at times that he will get mad and hit my Dad.

    My son's knee is still bothering him. We took him back to the hospital on Monday and they said that the blood had built back up. The ER Dr. gave him the name of another ortho Dr.

    His fiance' has been to the hospital two time this week. She has been a total of 7 times since she has been pregnant. Each time they find nothing wrong. She got mad at him last night because her Mom was taking her to the hospital and he would not drop everything and run up there. He had not seen Alexis (daughter) and wanted to spend some time with her. He has custody but she stayed Monday night with us so we could get her to preschool. She is on Medicaid and I am afraid that if she keeps crying wolf they will drop her.

    We where up there Monday night she called and said that her water broke. It had not, this is the third time on this story. She is in her 29th week. She made the statement Monday that she just wanted him out. I will never usderstand her. She has cried wolf so many times that no one will believe her when it really happens.

    My son said Monday that he did not think any thing was wrong but if he did not go that this would be the time that there was something wrong.

    My 3 year old Granddaughter was tramuatized. Andrea was crying and caring on before we went and got Alexis. She will tell people that Andrea's water broke. She also wanted to know why her baby brother was in the hospital. I had to explain that the baby was still in Andrea's belly. I guess Andrea or her Mom told Alexis that the baby was going to be born.

    Sorry I went on so long.

    How is your Mom? Are you getting any rest, how are you feeling?

    Take care, looking forward to hearing from you.

    God Bless; Pam
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    Bump for Rene
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    Bump for Rene.
    Rene I started another thread
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    Hi Pam, You got a lot going on too. Our brothers are about the same age. But I'm scared of mine. Do you think he'll get another job? What did he do?

    I'm really bummed out. i gave the papers to get them out (30) and the gal called me (she wasn't there) and told me I can't come over unless I give 24 hour notice. I'm really scared and my moms house was filthy. My brother was very mad.

    I can't go into it as I'm just not doing to good. I saw my mom tonight. I feel so bad for her.

    Well I hope your son gets he's knee back into shape with the new ortho doc.

    Sorry so short my spirts are really down.

    Take care and keep me posted
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    So sorry that you are feeling so bad and your spirits are down. You are in my prayers.

    Where does the girl get off telling you that you have to give 24 hours notice to come to your mother's house.

    It sounds like our brothers are alot a like.

    My brother had a good job. He was off for a few different things and they let him go. He talked to them and they said he could come back with a cut in his hourly pay. He did this and supposedly took a $5.00 an hour cut instead of the $3.00 they said this brought him down to $13.00 an hour.

    When my Dad was in the hospital he for some dumb reason went behind the supervisiors back and tried to change his shift. Why I do not know as he was not spending much time up at the hospital or doing anything to help. He got two days off. He supposedly went back and worked a couple of weeks. Two nights ago the supervisior supposedly threatened to cut his pay again. My brother told him where to go and walked out.

    I am not sure that he was even working. We where out the other day and my husband saw a car just like my brothers and he said that it sure looked like my brother, at the time he was suppose to be at work.

    You can not believe anything that he says, if he told you that your name was Rene you would want to check and make sure. He is a compulsive lier.

    I hope that things go better for you. If you need to vent I'm here.

    Take care of yourself and let me know how things are.

    God bless; Pam
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    Bump for Rene
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    Rene hope that you are ok.
  8. Rene

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    Hi Pam, sorry I haven't been on here. How are you? How big is your town? Just wondering as to how hard will it be for your brother to get another job.

    When does your dad start his treatments?

    I had a ok time with my mom. She ate almost 70% of her dinner that I fed her. Then 10 min later she was a sleep so I left. THey are really sedating her which I don't like but she does need to calm down so both pros and cons.

    I'm gonna leave in a couple of hours to feed her lunch.

    Did you get to get out and have some fun this weekend??

    Well thanks again for you prayers and take care,

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    It was good to hear from you. Have they found out yet what is causing your Mom to yell out? I am glad to hear that she is eating.

    I live in a small town called Belleville. It is west of Indianapolis. My brother and Dad live in Indianapolis so he should be able to find some kind of job. My Dad said that some friend of my brother's wanted him to work with him for a day or two. He probably won't do it because it is hard work and he may get "dirty". Sorry for the sarcasm but I am so fed up with him draining my Dad .

    We don't know when my Dad is suppose to start his therpy. If you can believe it they called on Thrusday morning and after the nurse made this appointment for Friday, said that Dr. Harvy was not in on Fridays. Daddy has an appointment this Thrusday with his regular Dr. so we are going to go fromt there.

    How are things going with getting everyone out of your Mom's house.

    How are you feeling?

    We took our Granddaughter and son to a parade for the fall festival at Clayton yesterday. She ended up with a gallon ziploc bag stuffed full of candy they they threw out.

    Take care, take care of yourself and let me know how things are.

    God Bless;Pam
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  11. Rene

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    Hi Pam, how are you? I'm just hangin in there. Not so depressed as I was, thankfully, but so tired! That parade sounds like it was a lot of fun. You are so lucky to have grandchild.
    I hope your brother gets a job. How long has he lived there with your dad? It just makes me upset that I can't work and I was such a good worker and loved it and then people like our brothers who aren't good won't work.

    I've been making it everyday to feed my mom. I feel so bad for her. I told her I'll try to come twice tomorrow as I've been going once a day. It will be cooler tomorrow so that should help me.

    Well take care,

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    Glad that you are not so depressed. I understand that you have to be really tired, you are going to be with your Mom one to two times a day. I know she is really glad that you go.

    I am hurting really bad. My husband made me go to the Dr. again today and now I have bronchotis.

    I feel so glad to be a Grandma (Nana), my Granddaughter is a joy. I can feel so bad and she can smile at me and it works miracles.

    We got some good news today. My son's fiance' went to the Dr. and the baby is very healthly. He weighs around 3# and is he came right now it would make it without the respirators and such. The Dr. wants to wait until he is 5# before they do the C-section.

    Thrus. is finally my Daddy's Dr. appointment. He does not seem to feel as well as he was. I know that alot of it is stress over my brother. I need to do something about it but that will upset Daddy to. I told him today "you know that we are taking you to the Dr" He said "Thats what I hear but you don't need to. If I didn't go I would hear only half of what the Dr. said.

    How are things with you? Have you had any luck with your Mom's "house guests". How is your Mom doing?

    Take care of yourself.

    God bless; Pam
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    Rene hope that you are ok.
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    Hi Pam, Great news about your grandchild!! How much longer till the baby gets to 5 pds?

    Sorry your sick. Hopefully you will be all done with being sick and will not get the colds and flu for when the baby comes and the holidays.

    I only went once yesterday to see my mom and almost didn't make it. I will go again for dinner. SHe is still healing from her broken hip, shattered arm (which they are going to have to operate again) and she is off the breathing treatments so that is good. She goes to the cardiologist in a week.

    All that happened to my mom in 2 months, but she got over her pneumonia now so thats good. I've been really stress out.

    I can't even talk about the house stuff. Its too much!

    How are things with your dad and brother?

    Well I'm on the couch till 5 pm tonight and then off to my moms.

    Yes you are so lucky to have grandchildren. Do you see her often?

    Take care,

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