Rene how is your mom?

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    Rene, we have not heard from you in a couple of days. How is your Mom doing.

    I hope you did not think I was being harsh in my last reply when I said to think postive. I only meant try not to think the worse. My husband tells me that I do that. If something is going on, I always think the worse will happen. I know your neighbor meant well, but now is not when you need to be hearing negative.

    So please try to think only the best, and try and take care of yourself. You are a remarkable daughter, and I know that your mother knows this.

    You and your mom are in my prayers and thoughts.

    God bless, Pam
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  2. Rene

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    Hi no not at all. I want positive stories. My mom always said I always stick my head in the sand.

    Thanks for asking. Well yesterday she still seemed really awful and her left lung is completely full. She opened her eyes for like 10 min total the whole time I was there. That was good.

    They bronced her tube last night and the nurse wasn't so positive about it. I swear she was gonna die in a few days just by looking at her.

    NOW i called today and the nurse said she is doing GOOD. We kept talking and she goes are we talking about the same person and I go " I was gonna ask you that". But yea she says come down and see for myself that my mom is doing good. So I'm getting ready to go.

    They are gonna bronc her tube tomorrow again. The nurse last night said it didn't work so well so that they had to fix it with IVS?? I'm so confused it is a rollercoaster!

    I was gonna call a chaplin to meet me so I could talk to someone but since they said she doing good I won't.

    I'll update later!

    Thanks all for caring!
  3. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    Sounds like you got a bit of good news. I am so glad to hear it.

    Keep us informed.


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