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  1. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    Thank you for the kind words. We are just leaving for the hospital. I will post later and let you know how things went.

    How are you feeling?

    God bless; Pam
  2. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi Pam, I'm ok gonna go later to see my mom if only for 10 min. ANyways came here to check to see if any news from you.

    I'll keep checking!
  3. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Just waiting for the news on your grandbaby! Hope everyhing is ok!
  4. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    Draven is here. He was born at 9:10am. He weighed 5#8" and 18 inches. He is a beautiful baby. He went to the special care nursery for a very short time. Mommy does not know it but we did sneak down to get a look at him. She was out so she did not get to see him right after he was born.

    It is still not for sure who's last name he will take. My husband said that Alan told him that him and Andrea had a talk on the way to the hospital this morning and she asked him if I give him my name will you leave me. I guess Alan replied I do not know but I will be madder than ____. They finally got her Mom out of there so it is just Daddy, Mommy, and baby.

    Glad that you are feeling better. Hope your Mom is doing ok.

    Thanks again for you kind words and prayers.

    God Bless; Pam
  5. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi Pam, Congratulations!! That is great news. Remember how worried you were a month ago and Draven is ok now. I think that is wonderful to have grandchildren. I hope she does give him his dads name.

    When do they get to go home. How long were you there?

    Take care,
  6. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    Thank you for the congratulations. We got there at 7:00 and did not leave until 3:00 so it was a long day. Draven and Mommy will be in the hospital until Sunday or Monday at the latest.

    I just updated my profile and put a picture of Draven.

    How are things with you?

    God bless, Pam
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  7. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Awww what a cutie! You sure are lucky. You sure had a long day. Will your dad be able to go to see him? Well I'm sure your asleep by now.

    Take care,
  8. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Just checking in how everthings going good!
  9. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    Things are going ok. My grandson's name is Draven Cole Wiggins-Sandlin. Wiggins is our last name. We are not real happy about it, but at least Wiggins is in there. Her family is a piece of work. Her mother has did nothing but try and take over. Her grandmother made the comment with all of us in the room that "Alan would not be much help". This with us in the room, I did not hear the comment but my husband and son did.

    Andrea (son's fiance) seems to be trying to include us and she is being really sweet. They should be released tomorrow. My son is staying hear tonight to spend some one on one time with Alexis and will go back to the hospital in the morning.

    How are things with you? How is your Mom doing? Let me know how things are.

    God bless; Pam
  10. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi Pam, that was an awful thing for her mom to say. WHat more is he supposed to do?? Glad Andrea is being nice.

    How far do you live from them?

    My mom was really drugged out today. I ordered some Doo Waap music at the library today and picked it up for them. She is just so drugged up. Pam really liked the music so that is good.

    I'm feeling better so that is good as I didn't get to see in for a few days. I'm getting some cleaning help on Monday so I'm really looking forward to that.

    Well hope you've been having a good time with Dreven.
    Take care
  11. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    Sorry to hear that your Mom is drugged up. Is it because of the pain? Glad that you are feeling some what better.

    We live about ten miles from Andrea's parents. The kids live 5 miles away. We bought them a three bedroom trailer. We bought it and they are going to pay rent. I should say Alan will. It is not really rent he is basically making payments to us to buy it.

    Alan sent a note to Daddy asking him to come up with us to meet Drven. He actually went, and he held Drevan and fell in love with him. I think it really did him good, and it meant alot to Alan.

    My brother has to go to court Monday and there is a chance that he will go to jail if he has not completed all of his community service and threrpy. I don't think I told you on top of everything else he is an alcoholic.

    We thought he was recovering and he got stopped for a DWI. This was his third. He got off lightly. He was and is on probation and did not show up for one of his meetings with the probation officer. They got him on a probabtion violation. Even after that they gave him a contiuance to complete the things he had to do.

    He goes Monday and I guess his lawyer said something about 290 days if he did not complete what he had to do. He has not.

    I may be horrible but I hope in a way they do lock him up. I won't have to worry about what he is going to do next or what he is going to take Daddy for. It will be hard on Daddy, and I will have to go to the store for him, and make sure that he eats. My brother will go to the store, mainly because he gets to eat the food. He use to cook but he does not do that anymore.

    Sometimes I think that even jail would not wake him up.

    Sorry I went on. I am very tired and I found out that Draven does not get to come home tonight. His body tempature keeps going down a tenth or two from what it is suppose to and they want to keep him for another night. Other than that he seems great he is eating well, etc.

    Again sorry I went on so much. Thanks for listening and being a freind. Let me know how things are with you.

    God bless; Pam
  12. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi,How are you? Well hopefully Dreven will be on his way home today. Is it serious or are they being way cautious in keeping him?

    I'm glad your dad went to see Dreven. I thought for sure he'd like that.

    That is so nice you bought them a trailer for them to live in and for cheap too!

    Oh I'd be jumping up and down if my brother was going to jail. The only person he can blame is himself. Can your dad stay all by himself? Don't they have in home nurses from medicare there and its free?

    Well went to my moms of course and thats all. I'm gonna take a day off once a week and not go even if I can. I use up all my energy there and I don't have any left to do the daily living stuff for me.
    I only have 2 hours or so a day and the rest is on the couch. I have no idea where I get two hours from but I do lay down on her bed or go lay on the couch at the nursing home.

    Well take care,

  13. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    Hope you are feeling ok. How is your Mom?

    Well Draven got to come home today. Well they are staying at Andrea's Mom's for a couple of weeks. Mom has it in her head that it is going to be longer than that. I have not saw him today. My son called and said that Kay (Andrea's mom) wanted to know if we wanted to come to dinner and see Draven. We declined, I am so tired and in so much pain. I think everything has caught me.

    I do not understand why she wanted us to come to dinner. Up at the hospital she acted almost like she could not stand to be in the same room. I was asked to help Andrea take Draven's temp. and she mumbled do you know how.

    Well I am not jumping up and down. My brother is not in jail. I don't know for sure what happened I called Daddy and he (my brother) was in a good mood. I will find out tomorrow when my brother is at work.

    Hope things are well with you. Take care.

    God bless; Pam
  14. Rene

    Rene New Member

    HI well I am glad he is home and well. I'm so glad he is well. You just rest as you have been through a lot.

    Yea I don't know why Karma doesn't work. If your brother or my brother break the law they should be in jail.

    I keep my word to myself to not go to my moms today. I miss her though she really is hard to see as she is so miserable and I think she takes it out on me. I do make her my whole life and constantly think of what can I get for her or do for her. I went to Walgreens today to get her gloves but they didn't get them in. Her hand are always cold.

    Well that boy came and cleaned for me so that is good. I feel better though I need more cleaning. Hes slow but I appreciate his help a lot.

    Well hope you get some rest. I'm sure your brother won't get anything seems you can do anything and get away with it.

    Take care,
  15. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    I am glad that you got your house cleaned. I know it makes you feel better.

    Draven is doing ok. I have not saw him since Sunday. We took Alexis to preschool yesterday and met her Daddy for the pumpkin day party. He than took her to Andrea's Mom's house where they are staying. Alexis and her Daddy came out and we took her trick or treating. My husband called Alan today to tell him he went by the trailer and everything was ok. Alexis got on the phone and said "Papa I don't like it here, this is not my home". My husband said he came real close to telling my son he was going to come and get her. We are suppose to have her tomorrow while he takes Andrea to her WIC appointment. I think we will keep her alnight.

    I found out more about my brother. He goes back on 1/8 and if he does not have everything done he will go to jail. I still do not understand why he is given so many chances.

    I am miserble. I am hurting so bad, I think everthing has caught me.

    How are things with you? How is your Mom doing? Let me know how things are.

    God bless; Pam
  16. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

  17. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi SOrry your hurting really bad. I guess with your disease your body lets you do activites and then you pay for it. Hope you feel better soon.

    Are you going to get Alexis still? o you ask her what is going on? What was he for Halloween?

    Yea I know crimials get away with everything. Guess thats why they do it.

    My mom is not doing so good. SHe is the most miserable person I ever seen. I thinks its those stupid pills that make her act out as she was very mild mannered my whole life.

    I'm doing ok. I will go tonigt to see her and bring her something to eat. She is like half a sleep when i feed her most of the time.

    Hows it going with Draven? How is your dad? Hopefully they can get together more soon.

    Take care of yourself and let me know how its going.
  18. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    Sorry I have not replied for a couple of days. I have not been doing to well. I think that everything caught me.

    Today is my mother's birthday and I really miss her.

    We got to see Draven yesterday, the first time since they left the hospital. He had his first check up yesterday and is doing well. He is a little sweety.

    Yes we still have Alexis alot. She still says that she does not want to stay there it is not her home. I guess they are going to stay at her Mom's for another week. Andrea does not think she is doing well enought to take care of two children. Alan told her after this week she may have to choose between him and her mother.

    Alexis was cinderalla for halloween. I went out with her and daddy. She had a wonderful time. She is so adorable.

    How are things with you? How is your Mom? Please let me know how things are. It is getting late and I am going to bed. Hope to hear from you soon.

    God bless; Pam

  19. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hey Pam how are you doing? Hope better. Yea I remember Draven was to be born the day before your moms b'day. I'm sure she is right there with you enjoying Draven.

    That sounds like so much fun about going out on Halloween.

    Not too much with me. I'm just going to see my mom everyday. I miss her too. She is calling me Anna. I don't even know an Anna. I want her pills cut down but Im scared they will kick her out if I do that.

    I read a People magazine and a gal complained her mom was way to medicated and the home filed a restraing order against her! The trial was set for FIVE months so they honored the order til the trial. Her mom died 3 months later. She did get to see her mom cause she was rushed to the hospital.

    The daugther is suing for millions. Iread this about a month ago.

    So anyway we go to the major hospital on the 9th for her arm. I just meet her there as she is taken by

    How is your Dad?

    Well take care!
  20. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    It was good to hear from you. I am still feeling pretty awful and down in the dumps.

    My Daddy is not doing to well. He got a overdue bill from capital one. The card is maxed out. He has never had a capital one card. Someone has used his name to get a card. I really think it is my brother. This is the first bill that Daddy got. I think my Daddy got the offer in the mail and my brother got the card and he has been getting the mail until this month.

    I got the card number and tried to get on the internet and find out where the card has been used. To register you need the expiration date and the signature code, since we have no card we do not have that.

    I want to choke my brother. He has either hocked or stolen so much from Daddy. Daddy said that he would not put him in jail but he is headed that way and he will not do anything to stop it.

    I hope that things go well with your mom on the 9. I will keep you both in my prayers.

    I can understand how you feel about your Mom's meds. I think alot of time they do that to people to keep them quiet. I know years ago when my grandparents moved up here my grandfather was a zombie due to meds. We got lucky and found a Dr. who got him off of the most of them. Is there a Dr. you could talk to about the meds. or maybe a nurse?

    Please keep me posted on how things are going.

    God bless; Pam
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