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    How are things? I am doing somewhat better. I did some cleaning today and I am worn out. Bill went back to work today and he said he was tired to. Alexis has a double ear infection and Draven had pneumonia. The schools here are having a lot of absent children because of this viral thing.

    How is your Mom doing? I hope that they are treating her right and making sure that she gets her meds when she needs them.

    How is that poor lady that lost her husband do to the house blowing up. You are so sweet to care about her. She has been in my prayers.

    How are you feeling? I hope you are getting some much deserved rest. Is Robert leaving you alone?

    Let me know how things are.

    God bless; Pam
  2. Rene

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    Hi Psm, glad you're feeling better. Wow Draven had pnemonia. Awful. Why do you think the kids are always getting sick?

    My mom was yelling out last night before I left. Just going ahhhhhhhhhh loud for no reason. I keep going is this wrong that wrong ect but she wouldn't stop. I feel so bad for her.

    I took Barbara a subway sandwich and some chips. It was what she wanted. I sure hope she doesn't have to get operated on. Thanks for praying for her.

    Her son was there and I got to meet him. What do I say? I just said sorry for what happened. Nothing I can say.

    I feel sorry for this other lady to. She is old and so helpless but she is so nice. You can tell she is so sick. I what to buy her something too but I want to buy everyone something.

    Thankfully haven't seen RObert or heard from him.

    WEnt out to the house yesterday as some people from a church are gonna help me who like to volunteer. Its so sad going there.

    We will go out this weekend and they will do some yard clean up even though its gonna maybe rain.

    Take care,

  3. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    You are so sweet to take Barbara the way you do, I am sure that it means alot to her. That poor woman has been thru so much.

    Do you think you Mom was in pain? Maybe she was feeling frustrated. You have always been there for her. She is so lucky to have you.

    I went with Alan to pick Alexis up from PreK today and we went and got lunch. She is so smart. I guess she got mad at her Daddy the other day and told him he wasn't going to get any presents for Father's Day. She wanted me to give her my cell phone so she could call 911 because she said a lady in a car didn't change lanes the right way. Her ears are better. Draven is back to normal, if he had pneumonia he sure got over it fast.

    I hate to say it but I think alot of it is coming from the pre school. There are so many bugs going around.

    The weather will warm up, than get cold, than warm up again. I can not wait until spring. We planted a bunch of flower bulbs last fall and I can not wait for them to come up.

    Take care and let me know how things are going.

    God bless; Pam
  4. Rene

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    Hi Pam, glad everyone is getting back to normal. I can tell Alexis is really smart.

    I saw Indiana had a really bad freeway jam with lots of accidents. Don't know what city it was in.

    What state is Bill in? Do you worry about him?

    My mom last night yelled "dam you dam you" to the aid. I have never heard her say that and have such and outburst of anger. It really upset me.

    My moms toe is bothering her so the dr is coming today. I dont' know what to do. I'm going for lunch and she sits up and I will lay in her bed.

    Any plans for the weekend? I'm going to the house which I dread so much.

    Well talk to ya later!
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    What did you find out from the Dr. about your Mom's toe? Do you think she was just having a bad day or is it possible that the aid had been mean to her before?

    Sorry you had to go to the house I know how hard it is for you. Did everything go ok?

    I kind of relapsed a little bit I am coughing and achy. Bill is making sure I take it easy.

    Yes I do worry about him when he is out and I know he is going into bad weather.

    I hope you get some rest this weekend you so deserve it.

    God bless; Pam
  6. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi Pam sorry your not back to 100%. Was Bill with you this weekend? Are the kids ok?

    They had to cancel going out to the house as we were supposed to get a major storm which wasn't as bad as it was supposed to be. They may help out next month after Easter.

    The dr happened to come by when I was there. He looked at the wrong toe. He is going to call the podiatrist which is good. ALso told him how my mom hardly has a bowel movement and I keep teeling them and he said I will fix that.

    My mom just keeps yelling out. I told them to give her a ativan. It didn't help.

    I guess I'll go for now.

    Take care,
  7. Busyknitter2

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    How did things go with the podiatrist? Has your Mom been able to see him yet? Did she calm down? You sure have your hands full.

    I am sorry I haven't replied very quickly things here have been nuts.

    Alan called about 9:00 last night and told me that his team lead had told him to get out of there and go to the hospital. He was almost doubled over with his right side. He made it here. I had Alexis she was spending the night with me. I called Andy and Mat stayed with Alexis and we took Alan to the hospital, they thought for sure that he had appendisitis. They did urine, blood work and a cscan. He had an irritated colon. The right side of his stomach was puffed up and hot to the touch.

    I am beginning to think that he should have never had his gall bladder romoved.

    He stayed here last night we got home at 2:00am and they had given him pain meds and he was dopey. Andrea didn't like hit because she had to stay by herself. I wasn't very happy when I called her and told her about Alan she called me back and said that her Mom was taking her home because Draven was tired and had not had dinner, this was at 9:45.

    To make matters worse Alan got a call today that they had terminated his postition at work. He was told to go home he was going to tuff it out but the team lead told him to go home.

    Well how are things with you? How are you feeling? Please let me know hows things are going.

    God bless; Pam
  8. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi, how is Alan doing now? I am pretty sure he can call the labor board as they can't let him go for that. That is awful. He does have the worst luck.

    Why on earth isn't she feeding Draven dinner until so late?
    How are you holding up?

    I am so tired. I went today and the state was there. She can in her room oddly. I wasn't happy with the state rn from a week ago.

    This one was a lot better and told me that wasn't right what the other state rn did.

    My mom wasn't yelling today but seemed dopey. I feel for her. We are having a beautiful day and will the rest of the week.

    How is your car from you accident?

    Well hang in there!
  9. Busyknitter2

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    Alan is doing a little better as far as his side. Andrea's Mom is causing problems. She wanted to take Draven and Andrea off on her taxes, she said she would give the kids half. Alan did not get to take Draven last year so he definately gets to take him this year. She pitched a fit and told Andrea that they should not plan on any help from them and she had basicly disowned them. Help to her was a pack of diapers or a few groceries every now and than. I did his taxes today and he did claim Draven.

    I am doin ok. I went for my annual check-up today. He put me on a blood pressure pill, cholestral, and told me to take an 81 mg asprin each day. He also changed my paxil to cymbalta. He said that would work on the pain as well as the depression. I have to go for a bone density test and a mammogran on 3/20. He also wants me to havea colonscopy (that on we will see about). I also got a tetnus shot (you are suppose to get on every ten years.

    How is your mom doin? Is she still acting dopey? They haven't changed any of her meds have they?

    I am completely zonked so I am going to get off of here and get ready for bed. Let me know how things are. Take care.

    God bless; Pam

  10. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi Pam, how are you all doing? So Andreas parents disowned them? Does her parents threaten things like this or are they serious/ It just seems to me that Andrea needs to get a job or get disability.

    I had a colonoscopy before. I wasn't but out. I was in my 20s and I did have some cramping in my stomach but that was it.

    You said your having cholesteral meds? My mom has been on 80 mg of Lipitor and the cardio called me yesterday and told me it should have been changed to 40.

    Lipitor has a lot of side effects. My mom is only 100 pds so 80 was to much.

    Well I sure hope you get a break from all the illness and drama and everything. Alan is lucky to have you. I hope he gets to feeling better.

    Take care,

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    Andrea called me today believe it or not. She had a question about the taxes I figured for Alan, we did talk for a while. She has sent the paper work in for disability, she said that they turned her down last time saying that she did not fill the adult critiara. She is upset about her Mom (we didn't talk about that). She was trying to see if Alan got all of the deductions for Draven. Just like I told her Draven had already been claimed as a dependent.

    I think her Mom talks a big talk. I think she is trying to put a quilt trip on the kids. She told Andrea they had a $1000 worth of bills they couldn't pay. What about the kids bills? Her sister and her bum husband and three kids are living there and not contributing any thing.

    Bill is on his way in. I am glad I miss him. I have felt very worn out and down today.

    I am glad that the Dr. caught that your Mom was taking to much lipitor. I was on that a couple of years ago. It made me feel horrible. My muscles and joints hurt bad enough from the fibro but that made it twice as bad. I had a friend that was on it and her legs hurt her so bad she cried.

    Do you have any plans for the weekend? I hope we can spend a nice quiet one. Go see the grandbabies. Bill hasn't seen them for a couple of weeks. He needs his grandbaby fix. LOL.

    God bless; Pam
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    HI Pam, how are you? That is good he claimed Dravin on the taxes. Her mom has all those people living there? She should charge them rent. How is Alan doing? How is Alexis?

    Yea today was an awful day. An aid was rude to me and said she won't feed my mom with a baby spoon.

    Anyway there is more drama but I went to the weekend supervisor and now I have to go to the main supervisor.

    My moms lipitor got cut to 40 which I thing is still to high but we will see. She is just on too much medicine.

    Remember that lady who kept going to the hospital and that she wasnt gonna come back till she got a liver transplant. I got the notebook for them? She is in hr 60s.

    Well she came back a few weeks ago and her daughter told me tonight that there dad just died on wednesday at home.
    AND she is roomates with that Barbara who husband died in the fire!

    That is just so bad for them to go into the nursing home and then lose there husbands too. He was in his 60s.

    Well I'm gonna go.

    HOpe you and BIll got to enjoy the kids and have a nice weekend.
  13. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    That is so awful about Barbara and her room mate. I feel so bad for them, and the rest of their family also. Having to deal with their Mom being in the NH and loosing their father.

    You are right it does sound like your Mom is on an awful lot of medience. That aid had no right to be rude to you, they are there to take care of peoples loved ones. That is what they get paid for and if they can't or won't do the job they need to get into another line of work.

    I told you about that friend of mine that is a CNA, she loves it the only problem is she gets attached to some of her patients. She is one of the people that is made for that kind of work.

    Bill and I spent a quiet evening last night, it was nice. We are going to Alan's this evening for dinner and to spend some time with the grandbabies.

    I hope things get straightened out at the NH. I still have you and your Mom in my prays and I will say a pray for those two ladies and their families.

    Take care and let me know how things are going.

    God bless; Pam
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  15. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi Pam how are you all doing? I came here to reply but there was a problem with the reply button on this site.

    Did you have a good dinner over at Alans?

    Yes it is sad about the two ladys. Katrina (Kathy) went in the hospital about two and 1/2 weeks ago. I kept checkin to see if she was back to the NH.

    When her daughter goes "did u hear what happened" ? I thought she was gonna say her mom died but her she said her dad at home died.

    Her mom just got out of the hospital back to the NH the day before!

    Chloe came yesterday and cleaned just a little and we went to see my mom.

    How is your weather? Ours is perfect for the next week. 70 and sunny.

    Well better get ready to see my mom.
    Take care and let me know how you all are.
  16. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    Hi, Yes we did have a wonderful dinner at Alan's house, he is a good cook, and he likes to cook. It is a good thing because poor Andrea does not know how to do it. She is learning a little from him. When we where camping she asked if she could help me and I told her to wrap some potatoes for baking, she did not know how to wrap a potato.

    Alan came by after he dropped Alexis off at prek and I went with him to pick her up and we went to lunch. He got a application for Ace hardware. I had the manager's little girl in my class when I taught preschool. He remembers me so I will try to put a word in for him.

    Our weather is awful. Sunday we where out playing with the kids in shirt sleeves. Monday it rained all day, Tuesday the rain turned to sleet, the temp. really dropped and than it snowed. I can not wait until Spring.

    How is the girl who told you her Dad passed away doing? She has her hands full dealing with that and her Mom in the NH. How is the other lady.

    I am glad that Chloe did some cleaning for you. It is sweet of her to go with you to visit your Mom. I am sure that your Mom enjoys the visits.

    I got a statement from Link Bank for Daddy's Visa bill. They keep adding late charges and finance charges. It made Alan mad when he took it out of the mailbox. As he said I have been thinking of Daddy alot the way it is.

    Well sorry I went on and on. Please let me know how things are.

    God bless; Pam
  17. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi Pam, glad you had a nice dinner. You deserve to be treated to that. That would be a good place for him to work. We have Ace here too.

    Why does the credit company keep writing you? You already sent them the death certificate. They keep calling me to and they are really nice.

    I feel bad for you you have to keep telling them your dad is gone.

    I haven't seen that daughter. The funeral was yesterday. I did talk to the Barbara (Fire) and she is going to a care home with 3 patients. She can't walk now do to her foot. She has lots of family so that is good.

    Barbara told me kathy wants to go be with her husband. I don't think Kathy will live to much longer even though she seems better then my mom on the outside.

    Well we get to turn the clocks ahead this weekend so hang in there spring is coming.

    Take care,

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    Hi, Yes I have to remember to set the clocks this weekend. They keep saying Spring is not far away. We are suppose to get snow tomorrow and Saturday. I have heard anywhere from 3-9 inches.

    I feel so bad for Kathy. My Dad was never really happy after Momma passed away. She had him so spoiled, she did everything for him. That is one of the reasons why he was broke, he had quite a bit of money and blew it. Him and my uncle went to Vegas all of the time. He said he was trying to find happiness. Now they are togather again.

    I am glad that Barbara has family that helps alot. I hope she will do ok.

    Alan took Alexis on her field trip to the puppet show. She had a ball in fact she started crying when it was over because she wanted more. I had given him some money to get her something if they had any thing for sale, she now has her own marinette puppet (min. size).

    How are you doing? Are you getting any rest? Take care and let me know how things are going.

    God bless; Pam
  19. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi Pam how are you? Glad ALexis had fun at her show. She sure seems to enjoy everything she does.

    Have you at all heard from your brother?

    I went to the house and met a realtor. My neighbor came out and said she heard from Lola my mom died.

    He knows she isn't dead because when he was in the hospital he had the social worker call the NH.

    I talked to the social worker and said "oh nice he wants me to let him in the house to live but he doesn't even ask how mom is"

    I bet anything he is telling people shes dead so he doesnt look bad. I dont' get it.

    I feel bad about the house. Getting money out of it while shes in the NH. Lots of people do it to there parents. profit while there parents suffer in a home instead of getting a reverse mortgagee.

    I can't let her back in the house as Brent will want to stay with her and lola will tell him shes back home. Then shell let him in and a bunch of chaos will happen that I can't deal with.

    My neighbor said she sees brent on a busy street just a few blocks away.

    Well sorry for all that.

    Take care,

  20. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    Boy I can not believe that he is telling people that your Mom is gone. He is sure a piece of work.

    I understand how you feel about your Mom's house. Try and think that the what you get out of the house will help your Mom too. Will they even do a reverse mortgage with her in the NH. I have heard alot of bad about them.

    I did hear from my brother last week. He left a message for me to call him. He wanted me to fax the papers on our annuity to him at work, he is trying to get the most of his in one lump sum. He whined about how much in debt he was, he has no car, is behind in his rent, and owes us money. He said he wasn't getting 40 hours where he works. He also said that he had a female friend of a guy he worked with staying in the apartment. She had given him $300 on the rent of Feb. The went is only 695 and that includes electric. He said that she had to go, this was the last of the month. I checked and that female he was involved with was due to get out on 2/24. Some strange thing tells me that it is her.

    I am worried about Bill. He is in Ohio and the roads are awful, he has got 4 times stuck and one time slid into a ditch. He said that at one time it was like blizzard conditions. He said that there was not place to pull over. he wants to get out of there because they are calling for 8-10" more tonight.

    You are right Alexis really enjoys so many things. She missed preK today because Alan was sick and wouldn't get out of bed. Andrea called me at 8:25 this morning and said that Alexis wanted to know if I would take her to school. After I got cleaned up, drove to there and picked her up and got her to school it would have not been worth her going. I told Alan that I would start taking her myself from now on. On top of her missing so much we pay $135.00 month for her to go and it is becoming a waste of money.

    I know he is down in the dumps about the job thing but you still have to go on. On I guess Andrea's Mom is talking to her again.

    Talk about going on, sorry. I hope things get better for you, I know it is hard. Just remember you are there for your Mom. You love her and she also loves you.

    God bless; Pam

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