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    I was glad to hear from you. Changing your Mom's medical group will that make it so you can change Drs.? How is she doing.

    Boy I miss hearing from you. Things are crazy for both of us. How are you holding up?

    Alexis is still living here and probably will be for a very long time. Alan can not seem to get his hear on straight. He had to change his Drs. appointment so he does not go until next week.

    Alexis is having a hard time of it. One minute she is happy and the next she is crying that she misses her daddy and wants to go home. She siad to me yesterday "My Daddy needs to get off his lazy butt and find a job or I will live here for ever". It breaks my heart.

    Well I need to go get busy again and finish cleaning house before Alexis gets home from kindergarten. Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam how are you? I finally got to get to a computer but still don't have one plus I had to pay 500.oo on Snuggles.

    How is ALexis doing in school? Is Alan having any luck besides bad!? Thank god for you helping out like you do.

    My mom will have a new dr and I am so happy. He called me but I was at the nursing home and he even called the nursing home while I was with my mom.

    He is HMO Kaiser so they don't make commision and he has the best reputation and I will try to convert people to him at the NH if he works out as the drs at the NH are bad and he comes in to see patients.

    How is your health doing? I feel lucky as my mom did end up in ICU for the 1 st time in Aug in 3 yrs though Snuggle was dying in my arms and that was just as bad but he is well!!!!!!

    Well gotta go to the NH.
    Take care,
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    It was so good to hear from you. I have missed "talking" to you.

    Alexis is doing good in school. I went over today and voulunteered today in her class. It was fun. She has her good and bad days dealing with everything she has been thru, but she is adjusting well to school.

    Alan has still not found a job. He has given up and is not even trying. He does not even see Alexis like he use to. He is here now though.

    We have to go tomorrow to the school adminastrartive building to get a paper notorized for her to be able to go to school here. It makes me have what they call third party custody. The next step if he doesn't get his head on is court and legal guadianship. I do not want to do that, but I have to make sure that Alexis is protected.

    I hope that the Dr. works out for your Mom. How is she doing? Why was she in ICU?.

    My neighbor passed away on Sunday. The sad thing is, her sister, her, and my next door neighbor went on a cruise. They left Friday got on the boat Saturday morning and she passed away Sunday on the boat. Her body will not be back to Florida until this Saturday. I feel so sorry for her kids they know their Mom is gone but can not make any funeral plans or any thing, they just have to set and wait.

    I am going to go to bed. I hope Snuggles keeps feeling ok and your Mom is doing well.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam how are you? I stopped in the library. Sorry about Alan. Gosh I don't know what to say about Alexis but she is in good hands but that it so hard on you to be raising a child. Glad you got to volunteer sounds fun. How much work is getting guardinship??

    Oh my mom wasn't in ICU for the 1st time. She always is in Aug and I get told shes gonna die. She hasn't been to the hospital since July.

    Oh her dr came and I love him!!!! He is really gonna take care of her. He told me "she is on too much medicine" before I told him and he took her off FIVE MEDS!!

    I made sure to tell almost everyone the dr said she on to much meds that it wasn't me who said it first.

    Awful about that lady dieing. Did she have an illness?

    WEll I better get home to SNuggles and he is doing so good.

    Take care and hang in there.
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    That is wonderful news about the Dr. for your Mom. I am so glad that he is going to get her off some of the meds. I bet that will really help.

    Things are still a mess around here. Alan is still not doing well. Now he lost his cell phone. It upsets me cause we pay for it and he looses it. He has never been real responsible about things. He is suppose to go to court tomorrow over some medical bills. He started working on bankruptcy over three months ago and still has not finished it. He also has a Drs. appointment tomorrow evening. I am not going to court with him, he needs to be a big boy. Besides I don't know how long it will take and I have to be here when Alexis gets off of the bus.

    My brother called me Saturday. He wanted to know if I had gotten my annuity check from Daddy for the month yet. I said no. He said that he was not living in the apartment anymore. He got thrown out. He called back after the mail ran to see if I got it and I had. I asked him if he had put in a change of address and he said "no he was living in a motel."

    I am sorry to go on. I have been up since 3:45 this morning I could not sleep worrying about things. I know I need to let Alan take care of himself and grow up but it is hard when your child is making so many dumb mistakes.

    I hope you are doing ok and things keep going well with your Mom and the new Dr.

    Thank you for "listening". Take care, hope to hear from you soon.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam how are you and everyone? I haven't been able to get to a computer. I haven't been doing to good and didn't see my mom at all yesterday.

    How are things going with guardianship? How are you sleeping? How is Alexis?

    My mom slept a lot after being taken off oddly. But probably because her night meds got reduced and I also believe her some of her meds made her psychotic.

    I am working with a lawyer too on the house. DOn't know yet what will happen but I called the authority and they aren't forclosing on it yet.

    How is your weather?

    WEll take care hope to hear from you soon!
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    It was wonderful to hear from you. How is your Mom feeling and acting now that she is off of some of those meds? It sounds like they really had her messed up as you knew they did all along.

    Things around hear are still a big fat mess. Alan is staying here at present. No power etc. Bill is the one that said he should just start staying here. I wanted him to have a few days without power etc. to see if it would wake him up. Now Bill is feed up and about ready to blow a gasket.

    I did force Alan to make another Drs. appointment. It is a circle. It is hard for him to find a job feeling the way he does but as Bill said if he finds a job he will feel better about himself.

    I am glad that you found a lawyer to work with you on the house and it is not in forclosure yet. I hope things work out.

    I need to go. Alexis has a half day at school and I have alot I need to get done before she comes home.

    Take care and hope to hear from you again soon.

    God bless; Pam
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    It looks like I will not be able to get back on for a while. We are redoing alot of things and the computer will be down for a while. I will get back with you ASAP.

    God bless; Pam