Repeat What's the Temp ????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sisland, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. sisland

    sisland New Member

    WE Had it get up to 99 degrees in a town in MT. called Thompson ,Falls Thats up there for MT. we had 93 Yesterday!

    Maybe there is some Global Warming going on!
  2. SPR30

    SPR30 New Member

    It has already been over 100 degrees here, August and September are our hottest months.....ugh!!!!!!!!!
    I cannot be outside at all. It's awful.
  3. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Supposed to hit 110 here today but it was already 90 at 5:30 in the morning! (Central Calif.)
  4. pam112361

    pam112361 New Member

    It's been between 95 and 100 in Nashville area for the last week. It's killing me!!! It's suppose to rain tonight and tomorrow and cool off some. I hope so!

  5. marilynb

    marilynb New Member

    Todays high is supposed to be around 105. I live just a little north of Dallas. I just checked my thermometor out on my porch (in the shade) & it shows 102 & it's ony 2:20pm! We have been well above 100 everyday for over a week now.

    We are suppose to get a cold front move in tomorrow & the high should only be in the 90's. I better go grab a sweater! LOL!!

    These hot days are really hard to deal with, I just try to stay inside with the air conditiong. I have one of those bed buddie things that you can put in the freezer to make it cold or microwave for heat. I keep it in the freezer & grab it when I have to go out. I just put it around my neck until my airconditiong in the car gets cold enough. It sure does help.

    Stay cool!

  6. Kinsie

    Kinsie New Member

    About 105 yesterday here in East Texas.

    We always have hot summers, but this is extra hot!

  7. twerp

    twerp New Member

    but it's a DRY heat....Ha!

  8. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    but on Wednesday my outside thermometer read 112..I kid you has been really really hot and humid for the last week or so and I can't go anywhere outside when it's like that, I feel trapped and having the C/A on is making me me a sore's just not natural air.

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  9. sisland

    sisland New Member

    93 doesn't sound to bad! What the Heck am i complaining about!! I don't have air conditioning just a couple fans! and i leave the windows open at night! close them earlie in the Am: that helps alittle!!
  10. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    but It's 70 degrees in Ventura right now.It is !:13 here
  11. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    do you keep your shades closed too? letting in the sun when it's warm outside like that makes it feel much hotter.

  12. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    It's just over 100 right now, supposed to get to 106 today.

    Tomorrow, 107.

    Then on Sunday it's going to get hot!! 110

    This is way over our usual temps for this time of year. High 80's is usually it until mid August. We had 3 days over 100 in May!

    Keep cool! Stay indoors, hope your air conditioning is working! Wow, hope mine is when I get home! Drink lots of fluids, and no, that doesn't mean alcohol!!

  13. kriket

    kriket New Member

    A couple of days ago it was 108 here in East Texas. Today I think it is about 105 out there. It is just too hot to even be out for a few seconds. It drains you. The pool water feels more like tub water here, cause it's so warm.

  14. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Yep i keep those shades closed all the time! they are the vertical kind and the only time i turn them open is at night! get the cooler air in!.............................................Darn Greenbean won't even let us have a beer!! lollol Can't drink anyway do to meds!! but a longisland ice sounds good huh?
  15. glenda2

    glenda2 New Member

    just wondering where is cow town??????
  16. Rose73

    Rose73 New Member

    It is 104 right now on the therm. on my patio. I am in Idaho. I am staying inside. I did go outside to get my mail from the post office.

    I have car problems, so I couldn't go to work today. So in a way it is nice, not to be in the heat in my car that the airconditioner doesn't work. I don't work until Tuesday now.

    Hope you all can find a way to keep cool. I heard on the radio that they are forcasting 111 degrees tomorrow. It is 104 now and it is about 2:30 in the afternoon.

    To hot for me.

  17. Jumpinjuice

    Jumpinjuice New Member

    It is 115 in Mesa Arizona....whewwwww.....
  18. jjdg

    jjdg New Member

    i live in the vally of Mt. Washinton,NH,it is 74 rite now. it's 7:25 pm,yesterday was hot and humid,i think it was 84,thats why i left Fla. to hot and humid all the time,and the cold isn't so bad cause it's dry.
  19. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    It's 105 now and the humidity is 15%. You can feel your skin drying out just walking to the car!!


    Stop and smell the puppies!
  20. kaiasmom

    kaiasmom New Member

    It's been over 100 for a couple of weeks straight here in the far, far east bay area of CA, I just heard on the news that it's 107 now, then supposed to get even hotter this weekend.

    TOO HOT for me!! I can't stand it! I guess the good news is that I'm unemployed right now, so I don't have to go out much during the day - but I've got to go get my step son now - the hotest part of the day, wonderful!!

    Keep that A/C pumping! Just better hope we have enough power to go around! Never fun when the power goes out cause there's not enough.

    Take care & stay cool,

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