replies not showing up?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by loto, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. loto

    loto Member

    hi, i get emails saying someone has replied to a post, but when i go to it, the new replies aren't there.

    Anyone else having this problem?
  2. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    I have replied to a coupla posts today and they're not there. This happened before and a very smart person located them somewhere else. I apologize for my lack of a memory. Can't remember which poster found them or where. Very frustrating cause it takes me forever to post. I'm seriously considering to going back to just reading.
  3. loto

    loto Member

    this one showed up!

  4. victoria

    victoria New Member

    they show up under your name- click on it, and then click on your posts - go to Health board posts if you don't see them on the list of posts you've made for this board, even if you have never made a post on the Health board...

    you'll see they've supposedly ended up on the Health board (usually) even tho they don't appear on the board's page either, necessarily....

    I and many others have had this problem on ChitChat.

    One clue is when you hit 'reply', you won't see the post up above you've hit 'reply' to, and the board name (like ChitChat) won't appear - no board name will be there.

    There's supposed to be a post about this on the Tech Support board, but I haven't checked it... I just wait til the glitch is fixed/fixes itself...

    hope that helps.
  5. victoria

    victoria New Member

    sometimes someone will 'reply' to you, but then delete it... so the message from PH will still go to you, but of course then the post isn't there.

  6. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    There she is! The smart lady who solved the mystery. Thank you for that. As well as the explanation...
  7. victoria

    victoria New Member

    just to get the credits straightened out, LOL...

    Jean/2104 gets all the credit actually, she's the one who figured it out first I think.

  8. loto

    loto Member

    No problem.
    Thanks for letting me know.

  9. rocketzandco

    rocketzandco Moderator

    I am wondering if you are getting logged out when this happens or do you stay logged in?

    Are we confident that these posts are getting sent into the health Message Board?

    Any additional information is appreciated.

    Rocketz AKA Darshan

    PS if the post is deleted after you get a notice from the ProHealth saying someone has replied to your post. Then you can assume that the post was deleted prior to you getting to it. [This Message was Edited on 04/28/2010]
  10. rocketzandco

    rocketzandco Moderator

    Thank you. We will look into it.