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    Don't you wish that you had something witty to say when someone says the inevitable ..... "But you don't look sick!"

    Well now you do!

    Even if you feel you can't really use these answers when people ask, you can most certanly think of them and giggle!

    And you look Intelligent!

    And you don't look stupid!

    Maybe it's Maybelline.

    But I tried so hard!

    Oh? You don't look like the bearer of prejudices. We all make mistakes * Cheery Smile *

    Really? That's odd!

    Really? (Look down at yourself) I'm cured!!!

    Where did you get my medical degree from?

    For when people are are being rude- I don't look (Insert age here) either, but it doesn't change the fact I am!

    Why thank you honey, that's so sweet of you to say that!

    I wasn't aware illnesses came mounted on a billboard!

    Huh? What does sick look like?

    There's a well person striving to escape this body !

    How sweet of you to say that. I've been so tired, I haven't bathed in three days. And, I was sort of worried about going out in public looking like this. So thanks for the compliment. It's really made my day.

    And I guess your X-ray vision isn't working too well today either! You should see how corroded some of my parts are on the inside. Some of my organs are in their 90's, some in their 70's. It's hard to keep track! ! !

    Yeah, isn't it great. I guess I'm the healthiest looking sick person you've ever seen, huh? Isn't it weird how looks can deceive.

    Yep, well it's nothing to get excited about !

    Well I'm NOT sick, my body is!

    What do you think "Don't judge a book by it's cover" means?

    Just because I look ok, doesn't mean I'm fine.

    I work hard to look this good.

    Are you flirting with me?

    I have good and bad days, but I'll never be the way I was before I got sick.

    Darn! I told Q this was the wrong host body!! I should go back to the mother ship.

    This is my Alter-Ego!

    Should I get a refund?

    It's really good to know that the 4 hours it took me to get out of bed, and get ready this morning wasn't wasted!

    Really? That's not what my psychiatrist told me.

    Oh gosh, I didn't realise it was you who were blind. I mean people told me, but I must have gotten muddled, it's the drugs you know, but wow you're coping so well.……. *continue babbling til they back away*

    You should see the straight jacket they make me wear!

    Thanks! Funny, knowing that I don't look sick, gives me a new appreciation and patience for the people I might meet who look healthy and may not be.

    Oh yeah? Check this out (show them something freaky).

    Really? Ok let's trade bodies for the day!

    What exactly does (insert illness) look like?

    Ignorance is bliss I guess!

    Would a bit of vomit help? Because I'm feeling quiet nauseous.

    I guess hard work pay off!

    Well of course not, I look like (insert name here) Duh!

    What is this "sick" you speak of?

    Thanks! I only needed one painkiller today instead of 5!

    Oh good..... because "not sick" is just the look I was going for!

    Any conversation can suddenly turn into a round of "Charades".

    A "good hair day" is when you realize you have some left.

    You make a grocery list so you won't forget anything, and then forget where you put the list. (On a REALLY bad day, you also forget where the grocery store is!)

    You bathe the lawn, fertilize the dog, and brush the kids.

    You use the smoke detector to tell you when dinner is done.

    You can't effectively argue with your husband anymore. ~ "I am mad as all heck at you! I just wish I could remember why! DAMMIT!"

    You invent your own "Fibro Language" when typing.

    Your medications take up the entire medicine cabinet.

    Your wardrobe contains mostly sweat pants, stretch pants, T-shirts & a robe that never get washed because that's all you wear most days.

    You're on a first-name basis with your Doctor & the ER staff.

    Your family knows what "I have half a spoon left." means.

    You end up at the shop, then the doctor's, then college/work, when you actually intended to be going to the gym.

    You can't remember if the post-it note telling you to remember to take your pills is from yesterday, and you haven't taken them today, or it's one that you just wrote to remind you tomorrow.

    Your husband asks you to go and stir the beans in the kitchen and finds you brushing your teeth in the bathroom instead.

    You bend over to tie your shoes and wonder, "What else can I accomplish while I'm down here?"

    You find yourself at home, wishing that you were at work, wishing you were at home!

    You leave your keys in the freezer for three days and only find them because your hubby decides to make dinner.

    You call the same person three times in one day to tell them exactly what you told them the first time.

    You call your husband by the dog's name on a continual basis and get angry when he doesn't answer.

    You forget how to get back to your house that you have lived in for four years.

    You knock yourself out by running into a cabinet door (tree, furniture etc..)

    You wake up and can't remember your partner's name.

    You search an entire day for your remote control and find it by accident in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator.

    A simple trip to your mailbox makes your neighbors suspect that you are another neighbor's ("Crazy Mary") drinking buddy because you stumble, trip & weave.

    You can play games with your family like "Guess This Rash".

    Your day starts at 1 pm and you say good morning to people.

    You have red cheeks and everyone assumes you have sunburn!

    Tying your sneaker laces seems like punishment.

    When you go to the fridge, and stare at it wondering.. what the heck did I want now? Then remember 15 minutes later when the kids are looking at you wondering why you didn't feed them yet!

    Go to the store to buy something specific... Buy the whole store.. and forget the one thing you went for in the first place.

    When the only way you know if you've taken your meds for this time of day or not is to look at your pill organizer!

    When you tell people "Good Morning" in the afternoon so often they've stopped correcting you.

    When you've called your spouse by your pet's nickname, rather than their pet name, so frequently they answer to it.

    Your cat knows that you are talking about him when you say "the cat".

    You've looked for your sun hat while wearing it.

    You have to count the amount of pills left in the bottle to tell whether or not you remembered to take your pills that day.

    When you know another month has passed, only because it's time to refill your meds!

    Your hair becomes a regular condiment in the dinner.

    You ask your children to do the dishes because you just can't, and they wash all the spoons first and offer them to you.

    The food delivery driver shows up at the door and compliments you on your new pajamas! (He was getting kinda tired of seeing the same ones all the time!)

    You have to ask hubby to smell your hair before you get out of the shower, because you can't remember if you washed it or not.

    Hubby calls you on your way home from picking up the kids from day camp, wondering where you are. (It's a 12-minute drive each way and you've been gone almost an hour.)
    You're embarassed to admit it's because you're lost, 3 miles from home.

    You register a new number of a company so that you can pay your bill online, but forget to delete the old number of that company and continue to pay the old account.

    You make plans (and budget spoons) in order to go shopping, and then can't remember where the heck you wanted to go or what you needed.

    Your husband calls you by your Indian name "Dances With Lupus".

    When someone asks you what happened, and in response to your confusion, points to a bruise that you didn't even know you had.

    You get up to go to the bathroom (stupid diuretics) before you go to bed and get side tracked and FORGET you were going to sleep...

    You are REMINDED that you were going to sleep, start to type a funny entry about having to be reminded you were going to sleep, and fall asleep... WHILE TYPING!!!!

    You go downstairs to take your pills and eat something. First leave your pills upstairs. Then come back down, make a sandwich, sit down to eat, and realize, "Oh, I was going to take my pills."

    You are TOTALLY slap-happy... Even after sleeping almost 12 hours!!!

    It's 8pm on a Saturday. After sleeping until 11am, resting in the afternoon, and doing nothing all day, you're still so tired that you begin babbling about turkey fritters eating the rainbow. Come, 11 pm, you're so slap-happy that your boyfriend/husband suggests sedatives, and can't remember the turkey thing.

    You get up in the morning and have very few little spoons for the day but have to go to work.
    ...and 4 hours later, your friend comes to your office and says, "Um, is that shirt supposed to be worn inside out???"

    When you are too full to eat breakfast because you already took your morning meds!

    You have three clocks in front of you and you stilll have to think about what time it is.

    You're making drinks for everyone's breakfast & you throw chocolate milk mix in your ice water, put juice in the sippy cup with milk & water in the baby's bottle with nothing else.

    Your father calls to say he's buying you a Burka to protect you from the sun.

    You fall asleep at your town's annual fireworks show because you're so fatigued.

    You're heading to the bathroom and kick the dog toy. Limp to the couch to check out your toe. Forget what you where doing and start to watch TV.

    You get thirsty, so you head to the kichen for a drink and hit the dog toy again. Limp to the desk, see you have started to respond to thread but can't remember what you where saying. Later you have to go to the bathroom again and repeat almost the same steps over .

    When your husband says, "Go left at the end." and you merrily swing right and then look bemused when he says, "I said, go LEFT at the end."

    You forget yourself and run less than 25 feet and then spend the rest of the night in AGONY, taking everything you can think of to kill the pain.

    You decide what to wear based on the size of your joints!

    Your grandfather has more hair than you, and he is almost completely bald.

    Your new favorite game is counting the number of new bruises you get in one day.

    You know you have Fibro when you can go to your favorite message board and find so many other people that will laugh at these same things with you!

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