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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dmholmes, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. dmholmes

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    Thought I'd post a little workaround until replies are working reliably.

    For a simple reply, replace "PutPostIdHere" in the following URL with the number after "?id=" from the post you want to reply to.

    For example if you want to reply to:

    Paste this in your browser:

    If you want to display the post you are replying to as you are replying, that's a bit more work. You'll have to view the source for the page and find the string that looks like <div id="theDiv1388094" in the person's post you want to reply to. Take the number after theDiv and put it where "PutTheDivIdHere" is below. This is in addition to getting PutPostIdHere.

    Note that if you want to reply to the original post then PutPostIdHere and PutTheDivIdHere will be the same number.

    David[This Message was Edited on 04/08/2010]
  2. dmholmes

    dmholmes New Member

    The section with the reply link started working again last night when I started this thread, but it's still intermittently working. Hope they fix it too, but the instructions above will work if you need to reply.

    Take care,

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