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    Jacibart, I'm sorry that I used abbreviatons. Hx=History.
    I'm an RN & I tend to use abbreviations, due to habit. Sorry. I am new to this site, and figured that everyone knew most abbreviations. But, I've found out that I do not even know all of them. Maybe someone, could write out a page of abbreviations, that everyone uses on here, so that we all could go to that and see the meaning. I am new to chat rooms, message boards, etc. and am just kinda wondering around reading alot. I am very happy to have found this site. I don't know how to get to the head-master, or who-ever started this site, but, purhaps they could have a page with abbreviations.
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    I bumped up a thread by MemoryLane with tons of abbreviations on it. I bookmarked it for myself so I can refer to it as needed. It's very helpful. Thanks again, MemoryLane!!