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    Hi- I actually use the Stabilium for mental clarity and physical stamina. I have given it to patients who said they slept better. It did not help my sleep. If I take it too many days in a row I can't sleep!!!!!Nothing seems to help my sleep. I tried ZMA and was awake half the night even though I took earlier in the day. The only thing that helps is Xanax and even that is a bandaid. I am just super sensitive about sleep. This was my first symptom years ago. I believe it's tied to hormones. It has been a frustrating journey but I know I'll stumble on the right thing eventually. So... I'd be careful about using the Stabilium for sleep. However, it can pull me out of a flare at least partially and helps my thinking enormously. Hope this answers your question. By now I've forgotten what you asked. Better reach for the Stabilium.
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    I have had, too, and haven't found any natural substance to be of any great help...But I do need some mental clarity, too, so maybe I will try it for that..Then, I guess you would take it in the morning...Well, thanks for the information...I guess we are stuck with the precription drugs, for now...If you ever do find something that works, please let me know...