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    Hi- I just saw your post. Yes, this is my doc. One of the good things about him is that he doesn't sell any supplements but he will recommend companies that he has researched for purchasing. Actually, I think he's shifted away from Amino Acids as the key component. I started seeing himm in the summer of 2000 when amino acid therapy was the "thing" for him. A lot more info is now available on CFS/FM treatment. He treats each patient individually so I'm not sure what he'd to with someone else. I do know that he is not big on the new antibiotics like Immunovir. He does quite a bit of lab testing and that tells him where to start. He had me do chelation for detoxification and I got very sick for several months from it. He felt real bad but we just had to move on from there. He and I have both learned that I'm very sensitive so I have to start any new treatment slowly and carefully. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any other info.
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    I'm going to check and see if he's covered under my health plan (Blue Cross of California). Good chance he is and didn't you say you had Blue Cross? Is he classified as a psychiatrist? If would fall under a different plan that I have.

    Thanks so much, I've found some people who live near me and possible you and was thinking about maybe starting a social club (No, just kidding!!!) , I mean a CFIDS support group for North County. What do you think?

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    First--- let me address the Blue Cross. I have Blue Cross prudent buyer. When I see Gersten for an hour he charges $200. Blue Cross pays $87 of that. Gersten is not listed as a blue cross doctor, but he uses medical codes rather than plsychiatric codes so you are more likely to get reimbursed. He does this cuz he is treating me medically for CFS, so it is perfectly ok.
    Group get together. I've been thinking about it myself but I never know when I'll feel well enough to go out. But lately I am more stable physically so I can be more reliable. However, I have not wanted to join a group where we focus on our problems. I want to focus on solutions and as much upbeat experiences as possible. I understand we are all suffering but I do much better when I focus on the postitive. Dr. Gersten has helped me with this. I know we need to vent once in awhile but I want to focus on what we can do and be, not what we can't. Make any sense? Let me know what you think. I got an email from a woman in Vista who sounds great. So... maybe she'd be interested. If we think creatively we can come up with something