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    I know I didn't explain much in my post but this was when I went for my consult with the surgeon. She is the one that made tha statement but did not go into detail because until she does the colonoscopy, Oct 20th, she can not be sure of anything. It was just kind of a passing statement of something that she MAY find do to her past expeirences when she does the procedure. I didn't question her much at this time about her statement, because my husband had told me that because of the way I tend to worry so much, he wants me to take one step at a time. Since I don't know what the surgeon is going to find, I shouldn't waste my energy on worrying about what can not be determined until the doc actually gets in there. (that sounded kind of gross, sorry)

    My husband knows me so well and I have a problem about worrying about things that have not happened and I know he means well and I know he is right.

    I will post after my colonoscopy and let you all know what the next step is. In the meantime, as my husband says, we'll just all pray that my problems are due to polpys and they will remove them and I'll be better. I have to focus on that or I'll make myself sicker than I already am.

    POSITIVE THINKING!!! Not a good trait of mine but I am trying.

    Thanks for your post and I will keep you posted & I hope you get to feeling better,

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