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    Hey Maia,
    Like the "grandma" name!!! I'm 48, Kids are 21 and 17...haven't gotten to the grandma stage yet, but most my friends have!! They say it's somethin' special!!!!! ! got a late start on the 'mom' stage I guess!!!! Your'e right!!!!!! Cowboys and Bronchos CAN be a dangerous combonation!!!!! But tell your Denver folks 'It's real natural for a good cowboy to be on a good broncho!!!!!!!!!!
    Sometimes they get bucked off,.....But idn't it great when they stay on the FULL 8 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like they did last night against the 49ers!!!! My girlfriend called right before the game and said"There ain't nothin' finer than a 49er on a cowboy on a good night!!!!!" I got to call her back after the game and say"Ain't nothin' finer than a cowboy on a 49er on a BAD night!!!!!!"
    You really should get back in the loop as the Cowboys are comin' back to life!!!!! Another SuperBowl could really be in our reach in a yr or so!!!!! And when your blood gets ta' pumpin' when the team gets back in the saddle like this,'s a great pain/stress reliever, plus a great energy rejuvinater!!!!!! Sho' is good medicine for me!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya'll take care!! Cindy-eeyore57

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