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    I should have included in my original post that I am a pharmacist. It sounds like you are in the medical field as well. I'm sorry that you had to type in all that info for me but it tells me what a caring person you are. I'm sorry that Zyprexa didn't work for you, maybe Risperdal in a low dose would help. I am fortunate to have a doc who is willing to try new things. She has had a lot of ideas but this is the first one that has really helped my fibro. She has me taking Glucophage to try and get my weight down a little. I just have a hard time remembering to take anything more than once a day. If something was 3-4 times a day I would really be in trouble. It looks like I may be able to work again if the Zyprexa keeps working. However, I think prospective employers are wary of hiring someone who hasn't worked but 3 days in the last 2 years. I usually tell them that I have been working relief instead of telling them that I haven't worked hardly at all. I hate to fib but a job is just to important to lose out on. I would prefer not to work in retail pharmacy again but the majority of the openings are in this field. Another downside is the timing since all the pharmacy schools have just graduated a new bunch of PharmDs. I will just have to stay positive that God has something for me out there. sorry I've written so much. I wish you the best of luck. Linda
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    Sorry, I didn't know you were a pharmacist. I'm not in the medical field, just adept at cutting and pasting. ;-) I am really glad Zyprexa is helping you!! I hope it continues to do so!

    I just had to add my experience because it was really scary to me. The only other time I have had such a bad reaction to a drug was when I was breastfeeding and struggling and they gave me something to help my milk ... and somewhere between the doctor and pharmacy they gave me a dose that was about 30 times more than I should have taken.

    I still willingly try new things ... I am just a little more careful to look into what it is that I am taking than I used to be. Long gone is the rather blind faith I used to have in doctors.

    Good luck on your employment search!