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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bubblesgirl, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. bubblesgirl

    bubblesgirl New Member

    Hi Wamps

    Maybe I said things wrong,but I struggle to, to survive and think straight through the fog.

    There are days when I can think of nothing but my own pain and how awful I feel.

    It's easy to lose site of ourselves in the pain we all suffer,it's also easy to lose site of our talents and gifts.

    What I was trying to say and obviously badly was not give up (and that goes for me mainly). I am fighting to keep my job as I know my manager will take evry advantage to get rid of me, lets face it, I am a malingerer, the pain is in my head, there can't be much wrong with me,cos I don't have a bandage or a plaster and I can't say when I will get better. We all know if you are sick you go to hospital and get better!!

    I have just had time off work as I have gone through a major flare up. I force myself to walk through pain,so bad that I cry as I walk. I am scared because I have pain near my heart and I don't know what it is. I am up half the night and don't know what it is to get a good nights sleep.

    Having said all that I am planning on seeing my children and having fun time with them. I need to do positive things to counter balance my ilnnes. I still need to use my talents. I still need to fight to survive.

    Hey maybe you are right,maybe I am blowing my own trumpet maybe right now I need to....maybe,just maybe, I am trully scared.
    Hugs to you
  2. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    We all go through this and sometimes it over powers us. When I am at my worse ..I keep repeating in my mind that it will get least where I can cope better. In those times I can do a few more things......during the better times I can enjoy the people I love and also drop a note to someone that also needs a chin up and Love ya' Message from us.

    I have been asked......"How do you live with it"? I say, "Do I have a choice?". No, not in my book I do not. I do read the postings here and get new ideas to try. Also read postings that makes me laugh and cry.

    I am so lucky in so many ways. We have to hang onto that........hopefully I am setting an example for someone else, a good one that is.

    Just grab my hand, as I grab another online here......and they do the same......etc. We are one. We care for you, we are you, we understand. Together we have more power. more love, more caring to cast out amoung all of us.


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