Report 13-Year Cicada Sightings

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by LittleBluestem, May 29, 2011.

  1. LittleBluestem

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    If you live in an area where 13-year cicadas are expected, you can help determine their range. There is an online database at where you can report sightings.

    If you don’t know if cicadas are expected in your area, you can check the maps at .

    A map with the 500 most recent reported sightings is at .

    To learn more about periodical cicadas, go to .
  2. bct

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    They aren't found in my region..... However, we have some other kind of Cicada here; I heard them on a warmish day last week. Love the sound they make.

    Good listening!

  3. LittleBluestem

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    There were 13-year cicada reported near me in past emergences and we have a lot of the annual or dog day cicadas, so I was hopeful. There were again reports within 50 miles of me, but I didn’t see or hear any.