Report on Manager (Nancy) after coming home

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    Hi all,

    I talked to Nancy this afternoon and she sounded so much stronger than the day after surgery. She is in a lot of pain and can't wear her brace as it is cutting right into the incision. Sounds pretty awful. I told her that we were all praying for her and she said she could definitely tell as there were times at the hospital when she had such peace.

    She had told her doctor that she was hoping to get back to work in 8 weeks even though he said it would take 12. She now realizes that 12 is more realistic.

    She said Alan (her 15 year old son who has RA plus other medical issues)was being a great nurse maid. Pray for him as well that he doesn't go into a flare during this time.
    She home schools him so he will be there for her.

    Thanks for your prayers and please keep them coming as Nancy is going to need them in the coming days and weeks.