reporting back on sinemet and cymbalta

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    ok. i'll try to quickly restate my long detailed post.

    wanted to share my results.

    sinemet for restless legs - hooray!!! very good. but not sure it's a healthy thing to put in your body every day. but hooray!! it works. no more restless legs AT ALL. had weird side effects at first. especially kidney related: useless urge to piss...

    cymbalta. complicated. Worked great for my fibro pains. Worked well for severe depression after death of nearest and dearest. took it for 2 years. side effects mostly nausea. But such nausea! two years of non-stop nausea (waves of nausea, dry heaves, lingering icktummy associated back pains, nasty just at the thought of food). decided fibro pain better than nausea. nausea that bad. tried going off it once before. then and now fibro back witha vengeance. but nausea finally went away. took a while. only now rediscovering food can be nice. to eat even. thinking this is healthier way to live. lots and lots of side effects going on and goin goff cymbalta. and emotionally VERY difficult. Wackypack rollercoaster need good good support for reality checks and lots of tlc. i didn't have that. not good. barely survived, to be honest. of course, i chose to go off it at the worst time of year for me both physically and mentally. silly stupid git. thinking it must affect the body deeply and thoroughly.

    in sum, sinemet hooray! probably not good for me somehow but it is helping me. cymbalta glad i had it during a tough time physically and emotionally. I don't ever EVER want to go through getting off it again. sure hope i was right, that fibro pain beats non-stop nausea with back pain and dry heaves. at least i'm eating. long as i'm going to feel rotten, should get some good nutrition in the meantime :)

    that's my quickest summary possible. hope it helps others.

    for myself, i only just now three years later printed out all your lovely replies to my thread "where's a good place to live with FM/CFS?" Going to go read it since i never want to go through another new england winter again. i'm good in heat! almost normal even. i get july and august and that's it. stupid waste of life. needless suffering. going to go read your suggestions and god help me find my way to a new location. don't know how. haven't the means. all my state, federal, and personal supports are here, sucha s they are. how to move? never done it. no money. little health. i'm practically speaking alone. what a risk! to make the big effort (how? who's actually going to pack the stuff, I ask you?) and get somewhere with no supports and no means of supporting myself and maybe, maybe no real improvement...scary.

    but i've got to try. this is too long and too hard and i'm sure mostly unnecessary. And i simply don't think I will make it another year. i've had it. i'm not getting any younger. please, wish me luck and offer up a prayer. thanks.

    Hope the sinemet and cymbalta info is useful to someone.,