Represtative Payee for disability benefits-HELP?

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  1. deb06

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    I let you guys know about 3 weeks ago that I won my disability case at my hearing. Yea! I received the favorable decision in the mail today. I was not surprised I wond on the mental impairments and not the chronic unbelievable pain of my fibro.

    In my judgement the Judge found me not able to manage my benefits on my own- GREAT!?!- and that I need to have a Representative Payee. MY QUESTION IS- WILL THIS BE MY HUSBAND? CAN THIS BE MY HUSBAND?


    Thank you all,
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  2. deb06

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    No, it CLEARLY says that I will DEFINETLY need one- I guess he thought that I was REALLY nuts!!! ha, ha
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    Yes, your husband will be fine.

    I am not in this situation, so I don't know how it works out for those who have it set up this way.


    NATUREGIRL New Member

    Your name will be on the check also, so you shouldn't worry. He will be the one writing the checks for you. Have it direct deposited and then have him write a check to have it taken out of the account every month for what you need. I agree though, that you should not need a rep payee. I would think that the only way that would be needed would be if you were incapable of making your own decisions or if there were something terribly wrong with your memory. After all, it's your money. Why do they have to make it soooo hard for you to have what is entitled to you!
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    Dear Deb,
    I am 60 years old and have applied in Florida 2 1/2 years ago. I was denied twice. We moved to SC so that we could downsize our life style because I have not been working except for one or two days everyother month. I had the pas president of the Florida Psychiatric Association evaluate me and he agreed that I had Fibromyalgia, EBS and depression and anxiety. He wrote a throught 5 page report that my advocate here in SC thought was really good. I am frightened that I may not pass the muster when I am called for a hearing in the next month or two. How did the meeting go? Were they comfortable to talk with. Did they ask a lot of questions?
    I am beside myself because we have one income and are not really making ends meet.
    Sorry to impose on you but I have only spoken to people who have received SSI and they had FMS but they always say " I also had other issues..." and leave it at that.

    Thanks, Joan in SC
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    Thank you for your responses. Inish- I am not completely understanding your question- but I will be happy to help you in anyway I can and tell you anything I know. My phsy reports from my drs is what won this for me. The first time I went into the hearing with a Judge that found me not credible from the get go. He kept me in there and badgered me for 2 and a half hours to get me to say things to hurt myself- and he was good at it. He said that I was lying and seeing Psychology and phsychiatrists just to win my case. This time this Judge looked at me with compassion and believed me. I would highly recommend to anyone that If you have the chip on your shoulder from being hurt sooo many times and having people call you a liar- get rid of it and humble yourself. I was going to go in thinking this Judge was the antichrist until my lawyer totally told me off. He said I come off arogant and conceited etc., when I am simply in agony and am protecting my self from being hurt.

    Go in and think of the Judge as God on the Judgement seat and give him the respect he deserves (maybe!! :) )

    Also, having my husband testify solidified the victory. Have someone say how you have changed and how difficult you are to be around- even if it is painful to hear.

    I hope I have helped. Did I answer you question?! DEB
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    About my situation with the money. My husband has paid every bill in 20 years of marriage. I have handed over every paycheck I have ever earned directly over to him, and have never balanced a checkbook in my life. I started living with him when I was 19. I completely trust him- as he has always taken good care of me and our money. We haven't always had easy sailing- cause he is a bit of an ass sometimes- ha, ha!! Of course, I am not-right? I don't think that even your husband could get your money even with divorce etc...???

    I don't qualify for SSDI or whatever for low income- so I don't think it matters how much money we make.

    Love, DEB