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    Hello friends,

    My dr appointment is tomorrow - 2 PM. The follow-up to my D&C on Aug. 1. It did not stop the bleeding and I really am fed up not to mention weak, tired, and in pain. God willing the dr will have some answers. Please keep me in your prayers. You are all in mine.

    "If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." Matthew 21:22

    Of course God's timing and will may be different than ours.
    But we gotta have faith.

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    Hi Janine, I would be glad to pray for you. Father, I praise you for giving us this opportunity to come to You and pray for our friends. Lord, Janine has fears and worries heavy on her mind. Please help to ease this burden that she is carrying. Her Doctor also needs Your guidance in making her well again. I put Janine and her Doctor in Your hands and trust that Peace and knowledge will soon be forthcoming. In You Holy name I pray. Amen.

    God Bless you Janine. I will be thinking about you at 2:00 tomorrow. See you there (in our thoughts). Deena
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    I mentioned a little on prayer on the reg forum for FMS & it was surely the wrong place but ironically I had personally been studying again (the pages of my Quad I noted were brown from my fingers searching and my sons) anyway, the high point of my study was the manner and purpose of prayer...back to that point when Adam was asked by another why he was building an alter et al. and Adam said I know not why but that I was commanded.
    Prayer is the work commissioned of followers so that we can understand our needs as obviously Heavenly Father already knows them. Prayer allows us to know our needs. We must always enjoin w/the caveat...not our will but Thine.

    You will have many praying for what is best for you come 2:00. I have had so many prayers answered because the members of this forum sustained my needs. I pray yours will also be sustain. Love Cactus.
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    Well, the visit went okay. I do love my dr so that is good. He feels all that is happening is hormonal and eventually the hormone (Provera) will work. He did say that if it does not there is a procedure similiar to a D&C where they put in a device that destroys the uterine lining and is very effective.(forgot the name) And then of course, if that fails there is the hysterectomy. He prefers that to be a last resort. It is major surgery and of course my being overweight makes it even more major ... more fat/muscle to cut through. (really wish I could lose a little). Thanks for the prayers and all the loving thoughts. God os good.