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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Hikagranma, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. Hikagranma

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    Starting Monday - I will have my soon to be 10 year old [8/25] grandaughter, Mariah - with me for 2 weeks. Her parents will be here the mid-weekend. Please pray that my body stays healthy. Pray that I have patience - .Pray that she doesn't get homesick. Thank you, Marian
  2. Mikie

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    I pray that all goes well. Ten, if I recall, is a pretty good age. They are usually past whining, are interested in all kinds of things, they are not old enough to be embarrassed by parents and grandparents, and can be an absolute delight. BTW, sometimes they like to help, so if you have anything you need help with...

    Love, Mikie
  3. kar1953

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    Just to let you know that I prayed that you would be able to enjoy the time with your grandaughter & you stay healthy. Also, that you can maintain patience with this little girl. Have a great time!

    Take care....Kathi
  4. Hikagranma

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    Thank you all for your prayers - they came yesterday - in the PM. She has a big event coming - she saw the eyedr. - gtts. and she will need glasses - wiil get next Saturday. Right now - her dad is putting up a pool for her.

    Yar are correct - Mickie - thi a good age.

    will keey you poste

  5. fibrojewel

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    Hey there!

    I have an eleven year old, she is something else but is also a big help. She knows how tired and sore I am, so she helps me in the kitchen. Sometimes we have cooking lessons, I sit in the chair and help her with the directions or walk her through the cook book instructions.

    She loves pen pals, and would be happy to send emails back and forth with Mariah! She loves to talk...wonder were she gets that? Of course I know it is not an immediate answer to "10 year old, I want to do something" blues, but you never know...You could help her (I monitor Rebecca's email stuff):)
    Hope this helps, and in the meantime I will pray for peace and strength from our FAther God!

    her email is:
    Her name is Becca

    Hope to hear from you soon!
  6. Hikagranma

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    Mariah wrote right away to
    Becca - and I dbl. checked the address - and it was correct - but this has happened B$ - AOL comes back. I will check with them tomorrow. I felt so sorry for her -

    It is going really good - There is so much we want to do - make pebble people [I live 1/2 blocxk from Lake Michigan] - then I want her to bake the old fashioned Crum cake - that the three of us - learned to make when we turned 9 - she loves crAFTS - SO SHE HAS A paint set to use w/ stencils - and the love to make cros - and iT is intereting to she has progressed over the years. - from just 2 strips pasted TPG - when she was niaybe 5 years - the last time she did them w/ me was the spri ng of 2000 - so it will be inteesting.

    We can take wals now - avout 3 weeks ago I got a sitdown walker - my big problem is I cant get up if I sit on
    a low bench - and I tire so quickly - so now we can walk to the beach.

    She too likes to talk!

    Where do you live? I live 70 mi. North of Milwaukee.

    I keep dozing off - so better get some shut eye.