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    Role of Chronic Bacterial and Viral Infections in Neurodegenerative, Neurobehavioral, Psychiatric, Autoimmune and Fatiguing Illnesses: Part 1

    Garth L. Nicolson and Jorg Haier British Journal of Medical Practitioners,
    December 2009:2(4) 20-28 or


    Chronically ill patients with neurodegenerative, neurobehavioral and psychiatric diseases commonly have systemic and central nervous system bacterial and viral infections.

    In addition, other chronic illnesses where neurological manifestations are routinely found, such as
    fatiguing and autoimmune diseases,
    Lyme disease and
    Gulf War illnesses,
    also show systemic bacterial and viral infections that could be important in disease inception and progression or in increasing the number and severity of signs and symptoms.

    Evidence of
    Mycoplasma species,
    Chlamydia pneumoniae,
    Borrelia burgdorferi,
    human herpesvirus-1, -6 and -7
    and other bacterial and viral infections
    revealed high infection rates in the above illnesses that were not found in controls.

    Although the specific roles of chronic infections in various diseases and their pathogeneses have not been carefully determined, the data suggest that chronic bacterial and/or viral infections are common features of progressive chronic diseases.

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    Under the Eightball Confronts History of Lyme Disease [NY]

    Under the Eightball Confronts History of Lyme Disease
    Review by F.X. Feeney The Village Voice, New York City, NY December 15, 2009 or

    Angry passion and visual energy define this extraordinary muckraking documentary. The anger and rage that ignite it stem from the puzzling illness that overtakes Lori Hall-Steele, sister of Timothy Grey, who co-directed the film with Breanne Russell.

    At first, the diagnosis would seem to be CHRONIC FATIGUE, but the symptoms (muscle failure, paralysis) begin to wildly contradict each other, alternately suggesting Lupus, Lou Gehrig's, and Lyme disease.

    Hall-Steele's doctors mask their cluelessness in smug tones; one even tells her, "Everybody dies."


    Read the rest:

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    On the Nightmare Trail of Lyme Disease

    Published: December 16, 2009
    Defensible anger becomes indefensible incoherence in “Under the Eightball,” a heartfelt documentary that twists an emotional journey into an anti-establishment tirade...

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    If XMRV is causative of CFS, allowing all these infections to
    regenerate, then XMRV could be the cause of all these
    various illnesses!

    If XMRV is NOT causative, but just another pathogen
    allowed to replicate (albeit slowly) to the point of causing
    symptoms, then we are

    in deep doo doo!

    I have 3 mycoplasma infections by PCR: pneumonia,
    fermentans and genitalia (sounds gross, but it can hit the

    Wonder how many of my symptoms are caused by them?

    Most antibiotics give me yeast rashes in various places
    on my body, or I would take them forever.

    Wonder if Atypical MS, ALS, PD, AD, et al, will be added
    to my already alphabet soup of diagnoses some day...I
    already have FM, CFS, COPD, IBS, NASH, MG, and
    neuropathy of my lower legs from undetermined cause.


    Can't wait for installment 2 of Dr. Nicolson's report!

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