Research: FM & altered muscle synergy

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    Women with fibromyalgia walk with an altered muscle synergy.

    Gait Posture. 2005 Nov;22(3):210-218. Epub 2004 Nov 5.

    Pierrynowski MR, Tiidus PM, Galea V.

    Human Movement Laboratory, School of Rehabilitation Science, McMaster
    University, Hamilton, Ont., Canada L8N 3Z5.

    PMID: 16214660

    Most individuals can use different movement and muscle recruitment patterns
    to perform a stated task but often only one pattern is selected which
    optimizes an unknown global objective given the individual's
    neuromusculoskeletal characteristics. Patients with fibromyalgia syndrome
    (FS), characterized by their chronic pain, reduced physical work capacity
    and muscular fatigue, could exhibit a different control signature compared
    to asymptomatic control volunteers (CV).

    To test this proposal, 22 women with FS, and 11 CV, were assessed in a gait
    analysis laboratory. Each subject walked repeatedly at self-selected slow,
    comfortable, and fast walking speeds. The gait analysis provided, for each
    walk, each subject's stride time, length, and velocity, and ground reaction
    force, and lower extremity joint kinematics, moments and powers. The data
    were then anthropometrically scaled and velocity normalized to reduce the
    influence of subject mass, leg length, and walking speed on the measured
    gait outcomes. Similarities and differences in the two groups' scaled and
    normalized gait patterns were then determined.

    Results show that FS and CV walk with externally similar stride lengths,
    times, and velocities, and joint angles and ground reaction forces but they
    use internally different muscle recruitment patterns. Specifically, FS
    preferentially power gait using their hip flexors instead of their ankle

    Interestingly, CV use a similar muscle fatiguing recruitment pattern to
    walk fast which parallels the common complaint of fatigue reported by FS
    walking at comfortable speed.
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    Always have had trouble tripping over my own feet, no wonder! Very informative. Thanks Tansy.
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    I have sprained by ankles at a minimun of 10 times since Sept 2004, broken my foot in two places and had to have knee surgery as a result of the falls.

    This explains alot.

    Thanks so much Tansy for sharing!

    Peaceful mind and body to all!


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