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    Does anybody know if this horrid disease is actully getting any goverment funding for research?
    Or do I have to get it tatooed somewhere on me "please study this body for fibro" when I die? I live an area with some of the best doctors in the u.s., but because I have such a bad case they throw up thier hands up and hand out pain meds that don't really even help my horrific spasms. Good luck to everyone out there who getts relief.
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    I also have FM so can identify how frustrating it can be.

    The only thing the medical community can offer is symptom control which really sucks but it is simply where medical science is at this time in history.

    I found that it was trial and error getting the right combination of meds to work for me and yes I do take a pain med. Tramadol which and I know I am lucky here, helps me.

    Have you been to a pain clinic?

    Are you taking a muscle relaxant. What kind of doctor do you see?

    I don't think there has ever been a lot of research but maybe a bit more in the last five years. Unfortunately, with this economy a lot of programs are cut.

    Take care.


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