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    For anyone familiar with Florida is there anywhere to live in Fl. where one can easily get to stores, buy organic produce, be near a hospital all without travelling for miles in a car? HOw is public transportation. Also where is best to avoid hurricanes/tornados?
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    Ruby, Check out Ocala and Leesburg in the northern central area and Lakeland and Lake Wales in the mid cental area. These are smaller cities and inland, away from the coast. I've live near Lakeland in the past. It's nice down there. GB66
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    Thanks for replies regarding places to live in Florida. I will check out some of the places mentioned. Thanks again.
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    Are you checking the county and cities/towns on Wikipedia? It generally supplies lots
    of info including all the towns in any county.

    You can then visit the towns that have a web site. Of course, these are generally
    prepared by the Chamber of Commerce or City Hall, so not likely to say
    anything detrimental.

    Good luck

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    Hey I'm new here, but I'm not new to FM....

    I live in Tampa Bay Area and I moved here about two years ago; I happened on a small community called Davis Island; it's very small with a very quiet, but friendly community. It's not what I would call upscale to live, but it is slightly high end of rent for Tampa; My first apartment was a 750sqft 2 bedroom and it cost $750 a month-- houses in the old district with 4 bedrooms and an acre can be rented for the same amount, but it's worth it to live here.

    First of all, a very respected hospital is located ON THE ISLAND. Tampa General is really updated and caring, and they work with the UT campus, less than 2 miles away, and their clinic is also on the island. Additionally, there is a small business district about 2 blocks long. It's mostly restaurants, real estate agents and law firm practices, but it's very community oriented, the people usually live on the island and raise their families, are around for all the baseball games and what not..there is a subway, new york style deli, two morning/afternoon cafes,a five star restaurant, a natural yogurt shop, a Mediterranean bistro, a mexican restaurant, italian, pizza place, two gas stations that are local, a ice cream and coffee shop thats really up-to on like, soy and gluten free and whatnot, and the guy who runs it is the most awesome person in the world. There is a pharmacy on the island with a post office, a bank, a laundromat and cleaners, a dog shop with organic doggie treats, two salons, a wine and cigar place, gift shop and a couple of bars, and an sea-plane airport, as well as two dog parks, a garden club, a yacht club, and a elderly home. Everything within walking-- I do.

    It rides along a great sea-side street for nice leisurely walking, downtown and a little old township known for it's night bars and stuff like that is nearby, but on the weekend mornings it's a farmers market-- friday mornings is the BIG farmers market in the downtown area. The transportation between the channel, ybor, downtown, and island district has improved greatly, we have a thing called 'green fleet' which are hybrid courtesy cars that take you within those above areas.

    The climate is awesome because of it's like, island-port breeze and few clouds. Tampa, like all of florida, has an awful rainy season (I lived in south florida all my life.), but it's tolerable. It's on the west coast which faces the misses a lot of hurricanes, or the intensity of them that way, they have to travel cross state off the atlantic and then into the coast, or up the state and weaken. It gets hot, but the breeze is usually cooling, and the humidity isn't too bad.

    I have to mention that you need to research an apartment before you lived in it. For a few months, I was in agony, I mean miserable, all the time, like a constant heaviness... come to find out as my landlord gave into remodeling my bathroom, there was a leak that had rotten the wood for at least 7 YEARS....mold grew everywhere and the inspector I requested from the city wrote my landlord that it was a citation-able health hazard. Still living in it cause I'm not exactly blessed with the cash to move, but I have plans for a completely renovated apartment in the same range. Point being, some houses are OLD and some people like that. My health didn't, love the charm, not the dust mitey mold sporey dry plaster peeling ' please get me out blues. But it's totally avoidable with questions to the landlord/manager.

    Publix supermarket is also just right over the bridge on a not to hot days walk, or a courtesy car call away.
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    Probably not Lakeland, Winter Haven either. We are inland but rural. I have only found one
    doc who would see me....period. And he won't take another patient with CFS and he is 65 yo.

    And we had 3 hurricanes in 2004. I know personally 5 people who had to have their houses torn down and rebuilt from scratch. Haven't had any others in 30 years though.

    Let me say this again. Doctors here don't understand CFS.

    Other than that. I do love living here.

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