Resentments: Time to Clean House

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by JLH, Feb 6, 2007.

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    Many of us have harbored resentments toward doctors, lawyers, employers, and others. The doctors didn't take away our pain. The lawyers didn't do a good enough job. And our employers fired us. The others simply didn't understand what we were going through and expressed little concern.

    Regardless if our resentments are from the past or they are new, they must be resolved. They cause stress, sleepless nights, pent up anger, and unnecessary pain. Our only chance is to clean house. Face our resentments and move on.

    Our resentments are like weeds. When not dealt with, they keep spreading throughout our body. Eventually we become ragefull, bitter people and we become consumed with pain. Today is our day to put the past behind us and move forward with peace and contentment.

    From Living With Chronic Pain One Day At A Time, by Mark Allan Zabawa

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    easier said than done. Seems like I get a handle on some of it and something else in life steps up to knock you back where you started. I envy anyone that beats it all! Bambi
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    bambi,i too feel the same way.