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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kombucha, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. Kombucha

    Kombucha New Member


    I live in Florida and am seriously looking to move to Albuquerque NM.

    I wonder how you find living there? If you lived somewhere else with CFS have you enjoyed ABQ better?

    I'm interested in whatever you could tell me about living there.

    Thank you, oh, how does one private message or email each other on this board?

  2. kholmes

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    My wife and I live in Albuquerque. I grew up in Minnesota and moved to NM in '91.

    On the negative side, the crime rate is relatively high for a city of a half million people. Housing prices have risen dramatically in the last decade, but it's still considerably cheaper to buy a house here than in Denver, Phoenix, or Tucson. The city is at a mile high elevation, which can affect some people with CFS. It can get windy in the spring, which kicks up pollen and sand from the west mesa. If you're considering living in Rio Rancho, on the west side of Albuquerque, the traffic coming into town can be terrible.

    On the positive side, the city is a wonderful mix of cultures (Anglo, Native American, and Hispanic), and there are always lot of cultural events going on (though I don't make it out very much these days); great high desert scenery, with the Sandia Mountains just to east of the city. Nice parks all over town. A strong arts culture, though not as vital as Santa Fe's. The incomparable Balloon Fiesta in October. Albuquerque is a college town, with the University of New Mexico. It has a nice, revitalized downtown and a neat new train, the Rail Runner, which will run to Santa Fe in 2009. We do have all four seasons here, and it's frequently sunny. Forbes also just voted the city #1 in the country for businesses and careers. They are building a new movie studio south of town, and the city is attracting lots of new businesses. Hopefully, this won't drive the cost of housing up too much.

    We love Albuquerque, but it would definitely be worth it for you to visit before moving.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    If you want to do private e-mail with someone, arrange a time to meet in the chat room, and you can exchange addresses there.


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  3. Kombucha

    Kombucha New Member

    Thank you for your replies.

    So it sounds like the important time for me to visit would be in the spring to take in the windy/pollen season and see what I think of that.

    Kholmes do you know other CFS'rs who have a problem with the altitude? What problem do they have? Were they one way with their CFS living lower, and then moved and never adjusted? That is a concern of mine, and you just can't check that out on a short vacation---aint like I'm planning to hike---ever!

    I think the movie studio sounds exciting. And I really romanticise the roasting chiles, and walking old town and hanging out at the bosque. I just watched the Milagro Beanfield War movie and it really shows the quality of light that only New Mexico has.

  4. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    I would do a search for CFS and elevation/altitude. I don't know of anyone personally whose CFS is affected by it, but Dr. Cheney believes living at higher elevations can be harmful for PWCs. I also don't know if I would do better at a lower elevation, since I'm unable to travel. You're right; it probably would be hard to determine on a short visit. But I would definitely look into this issue.

    Spring might be a good time to visit; the wind is hit and miss, depending on the weather and the year. But early October, during the Balloon Fiesta, is the most fun time to visit.

    Isn't The Milagro Beanfield War great? That movie was shot between Santa Fe and Taos, in and around Truchas. I love it here, especially in the fall: chile ristras, gold cottonwoods along the Rio Grande, amazingly blue skies.

    For NM on film, you might also try The Tao of Steve. It's an intelligent comedy that shows the beauty of Santa Fe. Hmm...Other films with great northern New Mexico scenery: The Missing, City Slickers, The Man From Laramie (Jimmy Stewart), Silverado. But you might come away from these films with an even more romanticized image of the Land of Enchantment!

  5. Kombucha

    Kombucha New Member

    Thank you Kholmes,

    I have every movie now on reserve from my library! I want to be romanticised for sure! I can't get out much but how neat to be able to ride to the top of Sandia and walk a little off the main and have a sit down and watch a sunset, or drive to the bosque, the zoo/bird view and sit.

    After living through the heat and humidity and the stressful hurricanes, we want out of here. Been here in Sarasota for over 5 years. I didn't know how much the heat can exhaust me until living here with 5 1/2 months of unrelenting heat/humidity.

    Kholmes if you would let me invite you to a live chat so that I could give you my e-mail, I'd love to learn more about ABQ with someone challenged with CFS also. I wouldn't want to get kicked off or erased by using this forum too much. But it's ok if you don't want to chat too ok?


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