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    Hi! I'm new to this site also. I've been diagnosed with FM, CFS, and Chronic migraines for about almost 2 years. I take Lyrica 150 mg. in am and 150mg. in pm. I did very well with this and was off any pain meds. for about 6 mths. then the pain and fatigue got unbearable again, and I was back on percocet twice a day. I still take the Lyrica also, and topamax for my migaines (which works well) but my PCP is worried about addiction to the percocet, and thinks I need to be off that. I can't function without it at this time. Without it, I'm in bed, unable to exercise or do daily activities. I wish these Doctors would understand that chronic pain rarely leads to addiction from everthing that I've read. Anybody have any views on this?
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    Hi.....I've was dx with fibro 3/06 it took me quite a while to find the RIGHT dr. who can manage my fibro. I still SUFFER alot, but FINALLY found a good general physician who BELIEVES in Fibro. Just yesterday she swithed me from Oxycodone 10/350 3 times a day to MS CONTIN 2x per day with another script of oxycodone 1x per day for breakthrough pain. I'm praying that this will be the ticket!! I'd probably search for a new doc if this one isn't taking care of your pain problems. Just my thoughts......hope it helps. Andrea