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    I have typical hypothyroid symptoms. My TSH is around 2.97
    Several years ago I tried armour, with no results. I upped the dose five times, but still no difference.

    This year I found out that one of my thyroid antiboddies was high. The doc. gave me 50mg T4 meds. After 2 months my TSH went up slightly. He suggested upping the dosage to three pills. I haven't tried this yet.

    Just wandering if anyone has any thoughts or ideas. I think that something is blocking the medication, and maybe that's something that needs to be fixed first.

    Thanks all
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    Yes, I have thyroid hormone resistence. Any amount of T4 (like synthroid, Levothyroxine) makes me sick. I came to this conclusion three years ago but no one believed me. Then, I found out that some people are not able to utilize T4 effectively, and instead the T4 produces a waste product called reverse T3. What RT3 does is attach to cell receptor sites and prevents any thyroid hormone from getting into the cells. This is the reason you can have great thyroid hormone levels on your labs but still feel like you are hypo. The hormone never makes it to your cells and there are no labs that measure your hormone on a cellular level.
    I currenly take T3 only and have my life back for the most part. There is a T3/thyroid hormone resistence group at Yahoo groups if you are interested in learning more.
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    I just read your post again and saw your TSH. You need to get that down. I would be sleeping fourteen hours a day with a TSH like yours. Try to get it close to 1.
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    You should check out some old threads on here about thyroid, Robyn. It's very common for people with CFS to need T3 instead of T4, and maybe the same is true for people with fibro.

    A lot of people on this board have an inability to convert T4 (the form it is stored in and circulates in) to T3 (the usable form).

    Some people take a combo of T3 and T4 by taking the natural product Armour thyroid (made from pig's thyroid glands). Other people here take all T3. There are both synthetic and natural versions of T3.

    Good luck!

    Love, Forebearance
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    I'll see if I can find that yahoo group.

    Sounds like T4 probably won't work.

    I had reverse T3 tested, and it came back normal, so it doesn't look like that is the problem.

    I tried the equivalent of armour, which is the ground up thyroid glands..t3+t4. I started at 20mg, and increased up to 100mg. Still no effect.

    I'm wandering if there might be some other underlying problem. Just wish I could pinpoint it, so I would know what to do.

    Maybe I need to find a doc. who will let me try straight t3.

    Thanks again.
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    I'm obviously not the only one with this problem.