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    acts of kindness. Is it just me or have ppl lost any semblance of respect? Small son has been taught to open doors for women. Both by instruction and the example of the man who helps me raise him. It is rare the woman that says thank you. I just want to kick them in the butt. And the ppl who have no problem verbalizing the foulest language ever. Small children arent a deterrant. I want to kick them in the butt too. My mother would have pulled my top lip over the top of my head and the bottom lip under my chin. Bar of soap in hand. . . But yesterday i witnessed a young mother with a small child in tow listen as a stranded traveller told her tale. She was out of money and had to get to little rock, arkansas. The young mom said she had been blessed in life and reached in her wallet and handed the woman 40 bucks. Enough to get where she was going and probably a burger too. Really touched me. The woman burst into tears and hugged her. A wonderful thing to witness.
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    .....what a nice way to start the morning!

    I just got my arse otta bed and am sitting here waiting for the pain meds to kick in. I decided to come online and see what y'all have been up to. This post was a nice thing to read.

    Thank you for sharing this with us!
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    Becky and Heavenly,

    You are SO right. I can't believe the lack of good manners nowadays. I was raised the way you were to and was expected to have good manners towards everyone but especially the elderly, very young , anyone with any special needs, etc, but just pretty much everyone ! Maybe that is why I became a nurse, at least for awhile anyway till I had all my kids.

    Thanks for sharing your story. That was so nice ! You are right that I would have been in big trouble had I not shown good manners to everyone. I guess nowadays since women have wanted and gotten pretty much equal rights, we are also getting some of the bad behavior that sometimes goes along with it from some.

    Yes, I agree also with the saying of THANKJ YOU if someone is sweet enough to open the door for me or give me their seat (and I am not pregnant) :) ! I had better not be at my age. I would be in history books.

    Hope your pain meds kick in soon Becky ! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.