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  1. IntuneJune

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    This board is a wonderful place. I have been coming for over a year. I browse through the post topics and choose the ones I believe will be most helpful to my situation as my time is limited on the computer.

    Over the year, what might be helpful to me has changed. Because I consistently see repeated topics I would never have considered before, I have begun to take a closer look. In other words, I am learning from you and all posters alike.

    Now, the weight issue...EVERYONE Fms'ers and general public alike have weight issues, it does seem like a general topic. But it is very specific to us as we have trouble moving our bodies in the first place, additional weight makes it that much more difficult and certainly reduces our ability to perform activities of daily living. This is a MAJOR health issue, though we may not even give it much thought---after all, ALL Americans are getting bigger.

    I did visit the chit chat board and reviewed many of the posts, weight issues do not seem to fit what is posted on chit chat. Is it the posting of progress that makes the weight issue more appropriate somewhere else? We do ask for follow-ups from members on other issues. Would blood pressure issues be put on the chit chat, weight issues are as important.

    Because of time restraints, I do not visit chit/chat but wish I could. If visitors to our board frequently view post titles on weight issues, maybe just maybe they might be inspired -- after all we certainly have our obstacles with dropping those pounds. If a visitor is not interested he/she need not "click" on that post.

    My focus on regaining my health has expanded by being here, maybe we can reach out more.

    Of course, will respect your decision. Fondly, June

  2. Shirl

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    We are here to see that this board is kept moving for those who need help with FM/CFS and related illnesses.

    I am sure many have a weight issue, but an on going update on weight gain and lost, diet, recipes, etc. is going to push the new members, those with health questions, etc. to the back pages of this board.

    If any of you are serious about your weight club, then the Chit Chat board is the place for it, not here.

    I have emailed Monicat the reasons, and this will be the end of this subject.

    Take it to the Chit Chat board. This same subject has been addressed before, with the same results.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. IntuneJune

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    Had not realized this was brought up before Shirl, as I said, my time is limited here. Sorry. Fondly, June
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    on this site asking what people wanted. There were, I believe, requests for one covering this and nutrition. May have been the candida or general health board, might be worth checking out and adding your request too.

    There are posts on the ccb which you might find useful in the meantime.


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  5. Mikie

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    Feel free to e-mail James and ask for a diet and nutrition forum. I don't know if it will happen, but it never hurts to ask.

    A while back, the Chit Chat Forum was abuzz with diet posts and recipes, etc. If you take up the subject over there, you might be surprised at the response. The CCF doesn't get nearly as much traffic as this board, so it isn't as difficult to track posts.

    Love, Mikie