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    Thanks so very much to all of you for the wonderful responses to my posting. I wasn't sure anyone would respond. You will never believe what happened!!! MY SON CALLED ME THE NEXT DAY AND WANTS TO COME HOME!!!

    Unfortunately as of 3 weeks ago he had been in a recovery center for alcohol & gambling addiction. Oh my God I felt so sad for him. He said he lost his job and is currently
    living with a friend. He lives in Reno, certainly not the

    best place to be, and spent the last of his $ on rehab. I am sending him an airplane ticket for tomarrow. I agree that it is important to listen & bite my tongue if something comes up that hits home , as grg1988 says, and

    not be preachy as NyroFan mentioned. Jodie, and all the others input helped so much. My hubby & I having talked about taking vacations during the holidays every year.
    Chocolat, when you mentioned that I about fell off my chair.

    The only reason we have not done that is my Dad and My younger sister who is single and mentally challenged, have nowhere to go for Christmas. Since my Dad is getting older & my Mom is no longer alive we do still have Christmas with

    the family. Due to the in-law situation we usually switch off here & there. Anyway, we decided not to go to my son's house for the party so that my son Jeremy can just stay here & we can keep it low key. Once again, THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR INPUT!!! I am going to post another thread asking for input on how to handle his alcohol dependancy.

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    it sounds like everything is in order for now and you have agood plan of action and remember one day at a time.....

    and if he does fall off the wagon well he needs to brush himself off and do it again.....

    enjoy your holiday


    i need to go to bed my son needs to be a school at 10 am for his last final...and then i need to go to p.o to sendoff one more b-day gift late to his grandpa....

    anyways have a great day